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Advantage is the first place to call when you need leaders to lead,  sellers to sell, and your business to flourish. 

Our top clients say we're imaginative, collaborative, and insightful.

What will you say?


Advantage is the first place to call when you need leaders to lead, sellers to sell, and your business to flourish.

Our top clients say we're imaginative, collaborative, and insightful.

What will you say?

We've helped some of the best get better.
We can help you, too.

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We listen, build and deliver solutions that work.

Get everyone aligned around top priorities to execute maximum results.

Develop a winning team able to blast past sales targets year after year.

Create a business-savvy organization able to out-perform your competition.


Prescription for a new era

Find out how Advantage helped a leading pharmaceutical company implement new sales strategies and customer-facing models.

Our customers’ world has changed so much. This process was incredibly valuable.

– Sales Vice President, Leading Pharma Company


3-phase process

250+ sales professionals

100+ regional sales managers

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How to reach us

Our corporate office:

Advantage Performance Group
100 Smith Ranch Road, Suite 306
San Rafael, CA 94903

Toll free: 800-494-6646, press ”0”
Local phone: 415-925-6832, press “0”

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Upcoming events


Experience Interplay and Raise Your Strategic Game

Due to popular demand, we’re repeating this event July 25 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sign up now to attend!



A Meeting of the Talent Minds

Join us July 16 for a complimentary and exclusive New York event.



The Advantage Way Certification

Register now to attend our two-day event Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2015, in Chicago




Tips for CEOs, business leaders, managers and sales professionals

A novel approach to hiring sales managers


What if salespeople had to pick – hire – their sales manager? Would the outcome be any different?


The first step to becoming a better consultant is admitting that you are one


Then work to deliver value in every conversation and interaction.


Who’s contributing to your success?


When you rely on only a few salespeople to ensure you make your goals there is a much higher degree of risk.


“Why Advantage?”


We have a passion for inspiring leaders to lead.


Guaranteed results.

Our best-practice methodology, the Advantage WaySM, ensures high-impact learning from your initiatives. Guaranteed.

It’s not enough to put people through a leadership training program and assume they will return to their job and start using what they’ve learned. ...We wanted to implement a complete learning-to-performance process. To that end, Advantage’s High Impact Learning process was invaluable."

Lisa Bell, Manager of the Holcim North American Learning Center


Where to find us

Our partners and associates are regionally based throughout the U.S. Focused on communication and collaboration, they are dedicated to working with you to bring solid, lasting change to your global organization. Contact one of our partners near you today!
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Corporate Headquarters
San Rafael, California
100 Smith Ranch Road, Suite 306
San Rafael, CA 94903
Toll free: 800-494-6646

Northern California
Alan Meeker – San Francisco
Christopher Lydon – San Francisco
Tom Heimsoth – San Francisco

Southern California
Karen Carlsen-Carney – Orange
Russ Paterra – San Diego
Jennifer Conlin – Santa Ana

Dan Terry – Seattle
Byron Parra – Seattle/Portland
Shannon Smith – Portland

Rocky Mountain
Rosemarie Nelson – Reno
Jonathan Hodge – Salt Lake City
Kent Houston – Denver

Bob Ungarean – Dallas
Paul Schnabel – Phoenix


Joe Beilein – St Louis
Steve Doolittle – Chicago
Eric Flasck – Chicago
Jim LaVictoire – St Louis
Susan Sheehy – Milwaukee
Mary Steiner – Minneapolis
Jeff Tucker – Chicago

Great Lakes
Chuck Quakenbush – Indianapolis
Libby Macomber - Indianapolis
Peg Ruppert – Cincinnati
Amy Kahn – Cincinnati
Ray Neltner – Cincinnati
Mark Sellers - Columbus

Kevin Brito – Stamford
Francine Smilen – New York
Emily De Frank – New York
Rob Grossman – Philadelphia
Irv Stern – Philadelphia

Mid Atlantic
Kelvin Yao – Trenton
Polly Thompson - Washington DC

Carol Bunn - Atlanta
Mike Castling - Charlotte, NC
Bennett Phillips – Nashville

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  • Add your phone number here if you'd prefer a prompt callback. Your job title and company name are not required but helpful to include. We look forward to hearing from you!