2012 SalesOptimization Webinar Series: Right People: Strategically Develop Your Most Precious Resource

WEBINAR 4 | SalesOptimization Series

Right People: Strategically Develop
Your Most Precious Resource – The Sales Force

Held September 21, 2012

Let’s face the realities of today’s talent environment. People who hung in for the fight during the recession are more loyal than ever, and unhinging them from their current positions is quite a challenge.

Finding perfect matches to the skills your reps need to be successful in your business is also increasingly difficult. Those are just two of the reasons you can’t hire your way to increased performance 100% of the time.

What’s the solution? Strategically develop your people.

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Webinar 4

Advantage SalesOptimizatyion Model

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2012 Webinar Series
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Sales organizations must consistently develop their people to perform at their best and highest levels. Creating bench strength is also crucial, for achieving growth goals and for eliminating the variability caused when key talent opts out due to boredom, lack of advancement opportunities, or the lure of a better role elsewhere. So get your sales talent on the train that develops them with strategic intent – before they board another one headed for greener pastures.

Join us for this complimentary webinar if you are questioning any of the following:

  • If I can’t afford to hire my way to success, what are some good alternatives to build the talent I have?
  • How can we create deeper levels of engagement to avert unwanted turnover?
  • What should a career path progression look like for the specific roles within my organization?
  • How do I progressively build skills from a new hire through the first 3-5 years of their career?

We help you start with the end in mind.

Our systems approach addresses your sales organizations as a whole, creating a clear line of sight between where you are now and the specific strategic processes, people, and capabilities needed to get you where you want to be.

Fourth in the Series

Join Russell Paterra, Advantage SVP of Optimization Initiatives, and Jeff Tucker, Advantage SalesOptimization Practice Partner, along with Kristen Krebs, Director, Talent Management & Development at Teva Pharmaceuticals, in the webinar.

Russell Paterra

Russell is an experienced senior executive who brings the know-how of leading organizations to greater heights of success. His career provides a diverse perspective. He served as a sales executive at Xerox for over 15 years and prior to joining Advantage, he was VP of Sales at Pacific Pulmonary. He also served as CEO for companies in the energy management and business-to-business, telemarketing industries. His responsibility at Advantage is to assist senior executives within our client organizations with the practical thought processes and disciplines for the successful implementation of their SalesOptimization efforts with a single intent in mind…deliver positive economic impact to their respective companies.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff brings 20 years of experience consulting with clients in a broad range of industries. He specializes in creating business results in the areas of sales and sales management, and organizational change. Prior to joining Advantage, Jeff was an executive with The Forum Corporation. His career also includes sales and sales management positions for organizations based in the Midwest. Jeff’s responsibility at Advantage is to partner with clients to design and implement the strategic SalesOptimization initiatives that will enable them to achieve specific sales goals and sustain maximum business impact.

Kristen Krebs
Director, Talent Management & Development, TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS

Dr. Krebs has enjoyed more than 14 years of award-winning results successfully creating business value through organizational and talent development initiatives. She currently heads the talent management and development practice at Teva Pharmaceuticals, a Top 15 global pharmaceutical company with 46,000 employees in 60 countries, where her responsibilities include leadership and employee development, performance management, and succession planning for the Americas operation (approximately 14,000 employees). Her extensive career includes serving as Associate Director, Sales Development & Effectiveness at Cephalon, Inc., where she built a leadership development program from the ground up for their US Commercial organization. She also held a variety of senior management positions in both Human Resources and Sales Training at Takeda, Inc. (formerly TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc.). Dr. Krebs holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University where she also served as an Adjunct Instructor.

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Right People: Strategically Develop Your Most Precious Resource – The Sales Team
September 21, 2012
Duration: 45 mins

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