5 ways to help managers lead effective remote teams [webinar replay]

Remote work is here to stay. Are you ready to take your remote team to the next level? Find out how in this webinar by our newest thought leader partner, Jhana

How To Help Managers Lead Successful Remote Teams [webinar replay]
Originally held March 29, 2017

Access the Replay:

Jhana provides bite-sized performance support for anyone who leads a team in a simple, on-demand format that’s designed for the modern learner.

Remote work is no longer something of the future. It’s here. According to Gallup, the percentage of workers who say they have worked from home using a computer to communicate for their job have increased from 30% to 37%. Jhana logoIn their own study of 812 managers who use Jhana, the management skill in which respondents felt the least confident was managing remote workers. So what do we have here? A trend that’s here to stay and managers who feel ill-equipped to deal with these changes.

Jhana believes that everyone deserves a great manager. And they’re determined to help the executive leaders who train and develop these managers. With that in mind, we are excited to announce their latest webinar: 5 Ways to Help Managers Lead Effective Remote Teams.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why retaining and motivating people is tougher in remote situations and what managers can do to make remotes feel more included.
  • What HR can do to help alleviate the guilt that remotes may feel and the resentment that co-located may feel about each other’s roles.
  • The communication issues that will inevitably come up and what managers can do about the problem.

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