Chickens Don't Always Stay Counted

Think a verbal commitment from your client means it’s a done deal? Here’s a cautionary tale from our Thought Leader partners at 3g Selling that’s guaranteed to make you cringe. Especially in this economy, you must understand and provide what customers value most. Otherwise, those hungry competitors just around the corner will do it for you.

By Martyn Lewis, Founder, 3g Selling

This is a true story – only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Mike Lee was competing for a major contract, worth millions, at a large manufacturing company. The RFP was done, much activity had transpired between his team and Susan Hanson’s, the chairperson for the prospect’s purchasing committee, and Mike knew he was on a short list of two finalists. Over the next few weeks his team worked hard on presentations, which led to proposals, which led to some tough but mutually beneficial negotiations. Just after lunch on a Friday before a long holiday weekend, he received that phone call that we all live for.

“Hi Mike, Susan here. Just wanted you to know the good news before the long weekend, we have decided to go with you guys. Let’s get together next week and go through the details.”

There were high-fives all round the office. Celebrations lasted well into the night and the team left for a well-earned long weekend.

The following Tuesday, and in great anticipation, Mike patiently waited for Susan’s call and wasn’t overly concerned when he hadn’t heard from her by end of day.

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