Complimentary Webinar: Coaching for Execution

photo of coach and employees at a computer

Your front-line and middle managers are the key to successful strategy execution. So how are you developing these leaders? Join us at 1pm EDT on Thursday, May 3, to learn how we drive business results through Coaching for Execution.

Tim Blakesly

Tim Blakesly

Tim Blakesly, Managing Director at BTS, an Advantage Thought Leader partner, leads an insightful webinar on why the front-line and middle manager ranks are the key differentiator in successful strategy execution.

You’ll learn why today’s business environment requires agile thinking. And why the next phase of accelerated performance will come not through more process, but through people: leadership development that aligns and mobilizes individuals and teams so they work more quickly, nimbly, and efficiently – and are able to execute strategy more successfully than ever before.

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