Where the magic happens: How to create a culture of trust [free webinar]

When people believe they can speak up, challenge the status quo, and take measured risks, the magic begins. Creating a culture of trust is the key.

Join Sr Consultant and BlueEQ Partner Kelly Newman in his discussion about how your organization can create a world-class culture of trust at a free webinar at 1pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 27, presented by our thought leader partner BlueEQ™, creators of the emotional intelligence self-assessment and workshop.

If as a leader you've ever tried to juggle a bunch of tactics and gimmicks to "engage" your employees into higher levels of productivity, you know that approach is both difficult and ineffective. That's because work cultures can be unhealthy for a diverse number of reasons that are too hard to keep up with.

On the other hand, healthy and productive work cultures all share just one thing in common: A climate of psychological safety.

What is psychological safety?

It’s a shared belief within a team that it's safe to challenge the status quo, learn from mistakes, and give candid feedback in order to accelerate business goals. Breakthrough discoveries are made only when people feel safe to go against conventional thinking, and it's almost never a popular position to take.

Without a climate of psychological safety, team members tend to keep game-changing ideas inside because the interpersonal risks of sharing their out-of-the-box ideas are too high.

Emotional intelligence generates psychological safety, and psychological safety –as an intermediate variable– is the indispensable element in creating a healthy and high performing culture.

Your leaders don’t necessarily need to be charismatic and have commanding presence.

It’s not about possessing magnetism, dash, or style. You don’t have to be smooth, but you do have to be aware of yourself and real with others.`

To spark innovation in your organization, learn how to create a culture of trust, and watch the magic happen.

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