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3 steps to driving your brand with emotional intelligence [webinar replay]

Join Kelly Newman, senior partner at BlueEQ™, as he describes 3 essential steps that leaders must take to ensure that their employees clearly understand and reinforce your brand promise.

After years of research and working with hundreds of teams, BlueEQ has learned that whenever a public-facing employee breaks their company's brand promise, 90% of the time it is due to a lapse in certain emotional intelligence skills that are required to fulfill the brand promise.

How does EQ factor into brand building?

Here's an example: During the mid-20th century, the Mercedes brand became the world leader in luxury vehicles because they decided they would focus on relationship management with their customers. Their reps were trained in relationship building skills, all of which we'd consider EQ skills today.

Another example: Perhaps you are a healthcare-related brand. In that case, your personnel must be trained in the EQ skill of empathy (among others) to fulfill your brand promise.

Listen to the replay!

Held May 9, 2017

What you will learn:

  • What EQ is and how it differs from IQ
  • How EQ impacts branding, employee retention, culture, and the bottom line
  • How leaders with high EQ establish psychological safety zones that enhance innovation, engagement, and performance
  • How you can develop the EQ within your organization using a validated approach.

BlueEQ is an Advantage Performance Group thought leader partner.

BlueEQ, an Advantage thought leader partner

BlueEQ™ is the most powerful, comprehensive and complete emotional intelligence solution available. Build culture, empower people, and accelerate performance with BlueEQ.

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