Help Your Development Staff Grow and Improve Fundraising Skills

Congratulations on being among the country’s Top 20 higher education fundraising institutions. We know you and your team didn’t achieve this level of success by accident.

I imagine you frequently ask yourself:

  • How does Harvard continue to achieve its fundraising goals in an increasingly challenging philanthropic environment?
  • How do we continue to maintain our current donors, generate the gifts needed to support Harvard, as well as bring in new ones?
  • Will our current methodology and approach to donors continue to be effective within the changing philanthropic landscape?

“You can’t keep up with this changing world if you can’t grow and can’t learn.”
–Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University, author of Mindset

An opportunity…

Stanford University, one of the country’s top fundraising institutions, was seeking ways to address the above questions and partnered with the Advantage Performance Group (APG) to create unique, cutting-edge learning experiences. APG has developed a series of workshops to help development staffs continue to grow and improve their fundraising skills.

cover image for pdfWhat makes the APG solution unique?

  • Uses a creative learning methodology – capitalizes on the collective wisdom of seasoned development officers
  • Incorporates donors’ feedback about how they like to be initially approached and continually managed throughout their giving process
  • Is customized to incorporate the nuances of your institution’s unique environment and allow learners to practice the skills in “their world”
  • Can be shared through an internal Train-the-Trainer process and capability

Helping your development officers grow and learn is one essential component to ensure your institution continues to foster donor-centered philanthropy and maximizes your fundraising efforts.

Detailed information on these unique learning opportunities is  available in the PDFs below:

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