How to Bypass the Gatekeeper

Get the meeting at the level that counts: Four key sales strategies to get you in and out with sales in hand.

Frustrated because your sales tactics never get you past the administrative gatekeeper? Advantage thought leader Joanne Black says that’s probably because your efforts are just cold calls. Cold never gets you to the decision-maker. Hot referrals do. In fact, the top 2 reasons executives take a meeting with a salesperson are:

  1. A referral from someone within their company
  2. A referral from a trusted source outside their company

Here are Joanne’s 4 strategies for getting past the gatekeeper so you can close more business in less time.

I’m tired of reading and hearing about how to get past the gatekeeper. Emails, articles, news flashes, blasts, webinars, podcasts …  they make my blood boil. These “gatekeeper” tactics are insincere, duplicitous, unprofessional, offensive, and a waste of sales time. A waste of your time. And, really, who has time to waste?

The gatekeepers — receptionists, administrative assistants, and executive admins — field calls for the decision-maker. They’re valuable to the executive, but not to you — not until you’ve developed your relationship. And certainly not when you cold call.

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