How to learn new things as an adult

A new book explores the science of mastering skills and absorbing information

Author and researcher Ulrich Boser says there's a lot riding on a new approach to learning, and the reason is sitting right there in your smart phone. Disruptive technology has presented us with a new normal in which how we learn matters just as much as what we learn.

how to learn better

In this brilliantly researched book, Boser maps out the new science of learning, showing how simple techniques like comprehension check-ins and making material personally relatable can help people gain expertise in dramatically better ways." -

Because "we’re all getting dumber in the age of Google," Olga Khazan interviewed author Ulrich Boser recently for The Atlantic about what people can do to boost their memories and skill sets, even if they’re long past flash-card age.


I find this one really fascinating. The basic thing is, we forget, and we forget at a very regular rate. People underestimate how much they forget, and people who are able to revisit their learning at a regular rate end up learning a lot more." - Ulrich Boser in The Atlantic

Source: How to Learn New Things as an Adult | The Atlantic

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