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Advantage provides the resources for your leaders and employees everywhere in the world to work smarter, sell more effectively, execute more completely, lead better, and change faster to get stronger business results.

Here are 5 reasons Advantage can absolutely transform
the way your people learn and perform:

1. We don’t just promise results, we guarantee them.

We created The Advantage WaySM to give you a guaranteed payback — real business results — from everything you do with Advantage. Impact is second nature to us. (And nope, your competition can’t create results like these.)

2. We don’t think the hard stuff is hard.

Have 50 strategies that need executing but zero people who know how? A sales team that’s long on enthusiasm but short on results? Helping people execute strategy and helping sales organizations improve are two of our favorite things. Management development is right up our alley.

3. You don’t need what might work; you need what will work.

We’ve got the goods. We give you a clear point of view about what to do next, how to do it, and why it matters. Our solutions build leadership, sales, and business acumen skills; create consistency; achieve results. We walk the talk worldwide. And we promise to keep evolving just like you do.

4. Our learning design keeps your people in mind.

We have nothing but respect for your smart people. So we create simulations where they can make decisions risk-free. Visual maps that make intangibles familiar. Action learning that invites role-play of real-world challenges. Online knowledge that works with busy schedules. Sales training, sales management processes, leadership training, business acumen simulations – we deliver what’s exactly right for your people.

5. One-stop shopping.

Try this on for size: One-stop shopping where every idea you’ll ever need is at your fingertips. Solutions that are fully integrated with your existing processes instead of bolted on. Learning that creates true business impact, not just wishful thinking. Partners who have an intimate knowledge of your business culture and aren’t just faking it. Sound like a good fit with your needs? We’ve made it easy for our clients to work with us – because that’s when great things happen.

SalesOptimization: Build Optimal Sales

At the core of Advantage SalesOptimization is our firm belief that optimizing a sales force hinges on the successful integration of sales and sales leadership.
Our systems approach to optimized sales performance addresses your sales organization as a whole. We help you put the right sales people in the right roles. Give leaders a cadence process for guiding sales performance. Align how you sell with how your customers buy. Provide every sales team member with enablement tools and skill development.
Optimizing a sales force is like building a house. Advantage is the Architect and Builder that makes it happen.

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The Advantage WaySM = Results

We believe that the path from performance improvement to meaningful business impact is a straight line. No detours.

Others may promise results; we actually created a system that guarantees it —in writing, complete with financial assurances. When you implement The Advantage Way, your organization achieves documented business results as well as improved job performance.

And that’s a guarantee we’re proud of.

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