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An encore for Interplay

Advantage teams are bringing the popular simulation to HR conferences in Evansville, Nashville

After presenting the top-rated session at one of the largest human resources conferences in the U.S. last  year, a team from Advantage Performance Group is repeating the popular Interplay simulation at two upcoming HR venues – on April 20 in Evansville, Indiana, and April 21 in Nashville.

In their session last year at HR Indiana, 135 attendees competed to see who could create the company with the highest market value while they acted as executive leaders of a growing enterprise. The event brought down the house and ranked as the conference’s No. 1 session.

Chuck Quakenbush and Libby Macomber will host an Interplay session April 20 at the Evansville Area Human Resources Association, Inc. (EHR) Spring Conference joined by Bennett Phillips, Irv Stern and Dan Topf as facilitators and videographer Karl Ahlrichs.

Phillips is hosting/facilitating the Nashville session the next day at the 8th Annual Tennessee SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference on April 21, with Interplay creator Brent Snow of Ten Thousand Feet, LLC,  and Stern also facilitating.

Interplay has been called a “mini MBA-in-a-day” for good reason. It builds a broad understanding of the critical factors that influence success or failure in any organization. Originally created for both Apple and Microsoft, Interplay has subsequently been used by many other leading organizations.

Find out more about Interplay here.

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