One Person Makes a Difference in Learning

I have an MBA. I’m young enough to still have my wits about me. So you’d think I would know how to convert to the metric system. Or what “margin of error” really means statistically. Or could name the parts of a cell.

Unfortunately, I haven’t kept all that information in my brain.

Enter Khan Academy. This not-for-profit organization, run by one guy, Salman Khan, is a virtual school that offers short, free, video lessons in everything from current economics to organic chemistry. His mission is to provide “a world-class education to anyone, anywhere.” His website says almost 35,000,000 lessons delivered. Yes, those zeros are correct!

What a great resource for anyone who has to think twice about how to calculate percentages during their business day. Or who’d like to punch up their next sales presentation with a diagram that references heredity. Or help your kids prepare for the SAT.

Khan Academy is a wealth of knowledge that is well-organized, easily accessible, and pretty fascinating. Admittedly, this is not the kind of learning that Advantage offers; no particular outcomes or impacts are going to result from the video instruction. But that’s okay. While you are checking out this video, take a look around Bill Gates’ site for other stories of interest.

» Hear what Bill Gates has to say about Khan Academy

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