Leaders Must Create 'Belonging Connective Tissue'

Think about the uncertainty of business today. Then read this thought-provoking blog by Jim Haudan of our Thought Leader partners, Root Learning. Your people will deliver more value when they have “a sense of belonging” — and Haudan tells how to create it.

The world that we think we live in no longer exists. Everywhere you look, you can see an environment that simply won’t stand still. In the words of the great American baseball legend Yogi Berra, “the future ain’t what it used to be.”

The forces of change are radically redesigning our business landscape just before our eyes. Change is hard. Change can be disorienting, and the reorientation process can be especially difficult. Many people we partner with on the transformative change journey tell us that although they knew they were on the organization’s team from the past, they’re uncertain whether they will be on the team for the future. They’re not at all sure if they belong.

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