Defense against the dark arts of diminishing managers [Multipliers v2 webinar series]

Bad boss: How do you deal?

Thousands of people say the most miserable part of their job is dealing with a boss that underutilizes their abilities while assuming they are the smartest person in the room.

But research shows that the strategies we most often use with a diminishing boss are also the least effective.

What the research reveals

Join Multipliers author Liz Wiseman in a conversation with her colleague Shawn Vanderhoven to discuss what Liz’s latest research revealed as they give you the "Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Bad Bosses." The webinar is first in a series celebrating the launch of the revised and updated second edition of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

Webinar 1: Dealing with Diminishers
Join Liz Wiseman in a conversation with her colleague, Shawn Vanderhoven, as they discuss what Liz’s latest research revealed about "Dealing with Diminishers."

What they cover:

  • Basic survival strategies to improve your reactions to Diminishing behaviors
  • Offensive tactics that will help you be a Multiplier to your boss
  • Tactful skills for you to help your leader shift from being an Accidental Diminisher to an intentional Multiplier

Webinar 2: Building an Intelligence Culture
Join Liz Wiseman in a conversation with her colleague, Shawn Vanderhoven, to discuss what Liz’s latest research revealed about "Building an Intelligence Culture."

What they cover:

  • Common pitfalls that keep us from creating better leadership practices
  • 10 ways the best companies are creating an intelligence culture

Register for the webinar replays and get access to both webinars and some bonus resources, tools, and experiments that will dramatically increase your understanding of how to become a Multiplier and give you concrete steps to deal with Diminishers in the workplace.

Liz Wiseman

Shawn Vanderhoven

Register here for access to the webinar replays and tools.

Don't miss this special access to Liz Wiseman as she shares new research gathered from 7 years of study since its original publication, now in her revised and updated bestseller!

LOVE the book? Discover the Multipliers Simulation that helps leaders put its principles into action.

What you'll learn:

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How to Deal with a Bad Boss (Without Getting Fired)
We’ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders: 1) those who inspire us, and 2) those who drain our intelligence, energy, & capability. Unfortunately, many people are stuck working for the latter. Multipliers, Revised and Updated provides 5 concrete strategies for dealing with diminishing bosses.


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How to Identify the Accidental Diminisher in You
The majority of diminishing in our workplaces is done by Accidental Diminishers—well-intentioned managers who don’t realize their attempts to help, teach, or lead by example are hindering their team. Multipliers, Revised and Updated helps you gain a better understanding of how to be an effective leader.



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How to Create a Multiplier Culture
The mission to rid the world of bad bosses starts with you. The world's leading companies are splicing an "Intelligence Culture" directly into their DNA. Multipliers, Revised and Updated shows how you can build a multiplier culture around you.


Bonus material!

  • Extreme Questions
    Kick-start your curiosity by leading a conversation only asking questions.
  • Shopping for a New Boss
    A shopping guide that will help you find a Multiplier.
  • Name the Genius
    Identify the native genius of each person on your team.

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