On the mind of the buyer


Buyer interactions are evolving quickly in the new social media and Internet search-driven world. But how does that affect the Contact Marketing mission of connecting with the handful of critical contacts that can change the scale of your career or business?

Advantage President & CEO Jon Hodge and Partner Bennett Phillips say you’ve got to know the mind of the buyer to drive any transactions today, as they explain in this episode of Contact Marketing Radio podcast with host Stu Heinecke, whose weekly show focuses on advice from top sales leaders. The podcast continues the discovery started as research for his book, How To Get A Meeting with Anyone. Heinecke is also a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, Hall of Fame-nominated marketer, and president of CartoonLink, Inc.

Listen to the replay here:

Author and Host Stu Heinecke Stu-Heinecke-book-cover
Author and Host Stu Heinecke

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