Jonathan Hodge

President & C.E.O.

 Jon focuses his primary energies on the development of new breakthrough learning systems, executive level consulting for strategic client partners and supporting the cast of team members that are the heart and soul of Advantage Performance Group. 

Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 243-5559


Russell Paterra

SVP, Sales Optimization

Russell assists senior executives in our client organizations with the practical thought processes and disciplines for the successful implementation of their sales optimization efforts with a single intent in mind: Deliver positive economic impact to their respective companies. 

Fallbrook, California
(760) 728-9712


Kevin Brito

Business Development

Charged with creating robust lead generation and client contact opportunities for Advantage, Kevin serves as the Advantage partner liaison, providing resources and coordination to the company’s partner and thought leader networks.

Stamford, Connecticut
(203) 391-5436


Joe Beilein


A highly experienced account manager and consultant, Joe specializes in helping organizations improve leadership and teamwork, performance mastery, business literacy, and sales and sales management. His approach to solving business challenges focuses on practical analysis of performance gaps, and applying results-based solutions to close those gaps.

Clayton, Missouri
(314) 862-9212


Carol Bunn


Carol helps organizations optimize business results through skillful actions taken by leaders and their teams. A specialist in sales optimization, leadership development, and business acumen for more than 20 years, Carol helps leaders put the right people, right processes, right capabilities, and right communications into action. 

Alpharetta, Georgia
(770) 410-0838


Karen Carlsen-Carney


A specialist in business acumen and sales mastery, Karen helps leaders plan and execute their vision, goals and return on investment. By focusing on helping companies develop and implement effective leadership development, talent management, and overall organizational strategies, Karen helps her customers succeed.

Laguna Beach, California
(949) 436-3086


Michael Castling

Senior Partner

Mike brings more than 30 years of experience with expertise in leadership development, sales training, and facilitation. Drawing from insights developed during his extensive career, Mike blends consulting and personal experience to help clients achieve outstanding results.

Temecula, California
(951) 308-2466


Jennifer Conlin


Jennifer works with clients to create performance solutions that deliver solid, meaningful business results. A sales and customer service specialist with a strong financial services background, Jennifer is passionate about helping organizations make the leap to sustainable, world-class performance.

Carlsbad, California
(760) 730-1641


Emily De Frank


Emily helps organizations ensure they have the right people, processes, and capabilities in place so that individuals can execute successfully. A business acumen specialist with hands-on experience at every organizational level, Emily brings clients keen insights from her corporate sales and management career. 

Clifton, New Jersey
(917) 880-1405


Steve Doolittle


Steve has over 30 years of experience developing performance improvement strategies for major corporations. A sales management specialist with significant experience generating corporate sales results, his global reach includes work with leading multinational organizations.

Bloomingdale, Illinois
(630) 351-9761


Eric Flasck


Eric focuses on helping organizations educate, engage and align employees around business and strategic issues. A thought partner to his clients and a skilled learning intervention designer, he has helped companies develop their people in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Chicago, Illinois
(773) 505-2746


Rob Grossman


A consultant and facilitator with extensive experience designing and delivering learning, Rob specializes in inspiring and equipping managers and performers to create business impact. He has partnered with organizations across a range of industries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
(484) 391-2918


Tom Heimsoth


Tom brings a rich combination of experience as a consultant, facilitator, curriculum designer, and business developer. Tom provides consulting and training in management, leadership, sales, team building, performance and presentation skills, and meeting facilitation.

Walnut Creek, California
(925) 323-3873


J. Kent Houston


Kent provides performance solution consulting, tailoring, and facilitation that helps managers and their teams increase business literacy, manage for results, and achieve organizational goals. Kent brings Advantage clients particular expertise in the areas of strategic sales, management, and coaching. 

Westcliffe, Colorado
(719) 783-2794


Amy Kahn


Amy is a highly experienced senior consultant and facilitator who helps organizations and individuals achieve business results. She offers clients a blend of keen insight and experience working with a range of industries. Amy specializes in leadership, performance mastery, sales, and business acumen.

Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 460-1617


Jim LaVictoire


Jim helps companies improve the skills and competence of everyone in the organization—from front line staff to top executives. With expertise in leadership, teamwork, performance mastery, business literacy, and sales, his current focus is helping major account sales managers identify and understand their customers.

Clayton, Missouri
(314) 862-9212


Cheryl Lewis


A seasoned performance consultant who has partnered with clients in a range of industries, Cheryl specializes in helping clients improve organizational and individual performance for a lasting business impact. Her expertise includes leadership and team development, sales, and customer service skills.

Lafayette, Colorado
(303) 926-5366


Christopher Lydon


Christopher helps leading organizations increase profitability by improving management and sales. His work includes designing and managing long-term strategic sales projects, and implementing worldwide performance improvement initiatives. He has facilitated learning programs in Asia and Europe. A high-tech specialist with a best-practice focus, he specializes in sales and service supremacy, and performance management.

Kentfield, California
(415) 279-6341


Libby Macomber


Specializing in High Impact Learning techniques, Libby consults with  organizations in leadership, sales and business acumen. She is dedicated to facilitating training solutions
for clients with a results-based focus by employing a team approach through thought leader partners.

Carmel, Indiana
(317) 459-0191


Alan Meeker

Senior Partner

Alan specializes in helping companies, leaders and managers meet strategic business goals. With expertise in leadership, performance management, direct sales and sales management, incentive compensation, market management, strategic planning, project management, and product development, he has also managed training  for one of the nation’s largest financial institutions.

Mill Valley, California
(415) 250-0124


Leisa Mohler-Erickson


Leisa helps organizations achieve transformative change to accelerate business results. Having worked in all tiers of the sales function across a range of organizations, from industrial to professional services firms and from executive to individual seller, she has a unique perspective and expertise in talent selection, competency assessment, and sales.

St. Petersburg, Florida
(239) 789-7106


Rosemarie Nelson


 Rosemarie specializes in strategic planning, performance management, business process improvement, leadership development, sales training, cross-functional teamwork, and improving business literacy for consumer and industrial products companies in domestic and international markets.  An experienced facilitator, she is a certified instructor for several leading learning programs.

Pleasant Hill, California
(925) 674-0856


Ray Neltner


In his work with international and domestic customers, Ray ensures training solutions are aligned with corporate strategy to drive desired results for the organization and its people. With more than 25 years of experience as an organizational change agent, he specializes in sales leadership, performance mastery, and business acumen.

Amelia, Ohio
(513) 460-3034


Byron Parra


Byron helps organizations apply a big-picture perspective to aligning goals so that leaders and performers can successfully execute strategy. Specializing in organizational leadership and business acumen, and drawing from an economics and education background, he has worked with organizations in the technology, manufacturing, natural resources, and retail industries.

Springfield, Oregon
(541) 953-7930


Bennett Phillips


Bennett helps clients turn strategy into execution. With a background in leadership development and succession management, he consults with clients to help them overcome leadership challenges and achieve results that drive sustainable growth and profitability. He is dedicated to partnering with clients to create learning solutions that drive behavior change and succession plans that align to the client’s goals.

Oakland, California
(415) 298-6564


Chuck Quakenbush


Chuck brings clients broad and deep sales development and change management consulting expertise. A sales specialist with expertise in the life sciences industry, Chuck focuses on helping clients achieve goals in new business development, sales leadership, team-building, and diversity. He has worked on global initiatives in China, Latin America, and Europe.

Carmel, Indiana
(317) 844-0853


Peg Ruppert


Peg helps organizations prepare their people to succeed. She specializes in the areas of leader development, sales process improvement, sales management, and customer service. She has consulted to organizations in a broad range of industries, and is certified to teach more than 20 licensed leadership, management, sales, and service programs.

Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 520-4024


Paul Schnabel


Paul has helped organizations and their people create breakthrough performance for more than 20 years. A consultant, author, and workshop leader, he helps organizations achieve breakthrough results through their people. Paul specializes in the Advantage competency areas of sales and service supremacy, leadership, and performance management.

Scottsdale, Arizona
(480) 229-0855


Susan Sheehy


Susan partners with clients to understand true organizational needs and source the best solutions to fit business objectives. She brings a strong sales focus and specializes in the areas of leadership and management, and team performance. Her experience includes global implementations in Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

Mequon, Wisconsin
(262) 844-3877


Francine Smilen


Francine brings clients more than 20 years of experience in the training and organizational development field. Highly experienced in the sales and sales management arena, she specializes in the areas of leadership and performance management.

New York, New York
(212) 260-9600


Shannon Smith


As a consultant serving clients throughout the West, Shannon enjoys specializing in the areas of strategy design and execution, sales performance improvement, talent optimization, and organizational change.

Gearhart, Oregon
(206) 849-4555


Mary Steiner


Advantage Performance partner Mary Steiner is a highly experienced senior consultant who helps clients improve organizational and individual performance. She brings clients a deep understanding of business that is grounded by her experience as both a corporate executive and an corporate consultant. She specializes in the areas of leadership, performance mastery, sales, and business literacy.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota
(952) 942-8460


Irving Stern


Irv brings more than 25 years of consulting and facilitation experience with clients across a broad range of industries. A seasoned business literacy specialist, he also helps organizations improve business results in sales and sales management, organizational change, and performance management. His global experience includes work in Canada, the U.K., France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Wayne, Pennsylvania
(610) 724-9052


Polly Thompson


Polly focuses on helping organizations operationalize their brand by creating the performance that fulfills their value promise to clients and end users. A seasoned sales and customer service specialist with extensive experience in the military sector, Polly consults with clients to design and integrate the targeted training that will enable their people to support broader organizational missions.

Charlottesville, Virginia
(434) 964-1911


Jeff Tucker


Jeff Tucker brings more than 20 years of experience consulting with clients in a broad range of industries. He specializes in creating business results in the areas of sales and sales management, organizational change, team development, and customer service. There is no "one size fits all," so Jeff works to understand what solutions and approaches will work best for each client.

Chicago, Illinois
(630) 243-1627


Bob Ungarean


Bob is a sales and marketing specialist with more than 20 years of global experience. He focuses on the areas of sales management, leadership development, strategic planning, change management, performance management, and selection and assessment. He has been responsible for building businesses in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America.

Plano, Texas
(214) 679-2654


Kelvin Yao


 Kelvin brings more than 15 years of experience in helping clients address performance management and sales productivity issues. He specializes in helping technology companies attract, develop, and retain key talent.  Kelvin believes a key to his success for clients is developing an intimate understanding of their situation, to put himself in their shoes in order to feel the pain and come up with the best possible solution.

Alexandria, Virginia
(703) 566-0289

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