Infographic: The Four Key Shifts in Pediatric Healthcare

Better patient care and a healthier bottom line.

The pediatric healthcare landscape is evolving. The marketplace is more dynamic than ever, with four key shifts driving this change:

  1. Declining growth of annual health care spending.
  2. Decreased reimbursement from Medicaid for pediatric care.
  3. Introduction of additional new value-based payment models.
  4. More access and control for consumers over their medical care.

At Advantage, we’ve been working with a top-ranked pediatric hospital to develop an experience that is helping leaders throughout the organization grasp a bigger picture of the healthcare business and embrace a strategy to improve patient outcomes in the face of unprecedented change. Leaders who have gone through the experience report that they have greater appreciation for the hospital’s strategic direction and a better holistic understanding of the challenges they face. They leave the workshop with an overview of the pediatric healthcare business that most clinical and research professionals never get.

The infographic below depicts industrywide challenges in the pediatric healthcare landscape:


Julie Wolpers

A web developer, editor and marketing consultant, Julie creates compelling content for brands and helps coordinate and execute the Advantage marketing strategy.

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