Prescription for a New Era

How a Leading Pharmaceutical Company Changed Its 100-Year-Old Sales Model

It’s incredible that we were using a 100-year-old model – literally 100 years old! – for getting people in front of doctors. Our customers’ world has changed so much. This process was incredibly valuable.”

– Sales Vice President,
Leading Pharma Company

"In my experience, no industry has changed more over the past decade than the American healthcare industry. The traditional family doctor is now part of a large, consolidated organization, often integrated with a network of hospitals led by complicated bureaucracies. In this top-down environment, some hospitals do not allow pharmaceutical reps to call directly on physicians anymore, a trend that is increasing. Access has dwindled, and the role of and skills needed by reps has changed dramatically.

"As an organization, we realized that it was futile to continue using a 100-year-old sales model in this environment. In response, our sales organization developed new sales strategies and customer-facing models. Then, we reached out to Advantage Performance Group to help us implement them successfully."

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