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Give your sales organization the predictive edge

Wish you could predict hiring a successful salesperson? Match the right salesperson with the right role? Now you can.

Sign up for three Best Match assessments. Backed by nearly 40 years of research and one of the world’s largest sales benchmark databases, Best Match compares the competencies and traits of each of your salespeople – or those you intend to hire – with those of salespeople who perform best.*

Your people’s skills are assessed against typical sales roles found in leading sales organizations, and are compared to the skills of best-in-class professionals. The assessment report reveals each salesperson’s Best Match — the role(s) in which he or she is predicted to be most successful, as well as how they compare to other sales roles.

This crucial data gives sales leaders a predictive edge in:

  • Selection: objective data supports better, more informed hires
  • Workforce planning: you know whom to fit in which role
  • Succession planning: your sales bench contains the right candidates
  • Personal development: the growth path for each salesperson is clear

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