Accelerate Your Managers’ Performance and Accelerate Your Business Results

Experience and evaluate Root Compass®, a highly successful program that enables managers to build high-performing teams across your organization.

Leadership Training That Delivers Valuable Skills and Results

root-compass-graphicBuild an organization where every employee believes they have the world’s best boss and individuals are performing at their peak. The Root Compass® Manager Development Program, from Advantage Thought Leader Partner Root, Inc.,  can make that happen. This unique and fun two-day leadership training program equips your managers with the leadership skills they need to coach individuals to be high performers, build employee engagement, and drive business results.

Root Compass® Equals Results

Attend a one-day showcase at Root headquarters in Sylvania, Ohio

During this one-day showcase, you can assess the value and fit of the Root Compass® program for your organization. It is an extremely hands-on and action-oriented day designed to demonstrate how Root Compass® provides managers with simple, but powerful insights and tools that are easy to practice and apply, so they can make an immediate impact following training.

We promise a productive and engaging workshop that helps you make an informed decision on the value of this program for your organization.

What People Are Saying About Root Compass®:

"It was a really exciting and innovative program. I left feeling empowered to make a difference."

"The Root workshop provided a simple roadmap for managers to utilize and refer to in building an excellent team and environment."

Wow! So inspiring. This program addressed the fundamentals of leadership in such a creative and practical way."

Content for the one-day session

The session provides an overview of the content delivered in the full two-day program and includes:

  • Know My Role – Helps managers stop thinking like individual contributors and start understanding that success is based on team performance.
  • Know My Business – Gives managers guidance on how they need to understand the strategy and culture of the business.
  • Connect My Team with the Business – Provides guidance on how managers connect the team’s individual roles to the strategic goals of the business.
  • Skills to Deliver Results and Sustain Change – Outlines the essential leadership skills managers need to be successful and reviews the methods the program provides to sustain these skills over time.

Dress code

We want you to feel completely comfortable during your visit to Root, so casual attire (including jeans) is the dress code.

Still need to be persuaded?

You and up to 4 of your colleagues can experience the methods that have enabled companies like Petco to:

  • Increase manager effectiveness by 8%
  • Improve associate engagement by 9%
  • Increase customer loyalty by 10%
  • Reduce turnover by 35%

Perfect for gathering feedback

Consider bringing some of your managers so they can provide input or feedback.

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Experience and evaluate Root Compass®, a highly successful program that enables managers to build high-performing teams across your organization.  Sign up for a Root Compass session here and we'll be in touch to arrange and confirm your evaluation.

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