Sales Is All About Listening

If your sales organization is aiming for optimal performance, you’d better make sure everyone’s crucial sales capabilities –- like listening -– are up to speed. Do your sales people prattle on? Answer unasked questions? Waste customers’ time? In this blog post from a while back, Craig Klein reminds sales people to: Just. Stop. Talking. Sales is all about listening to understand customers on a deeper level. (Otherwise, they’ll be searching the web for other options while you think they’re listening.)

You’ve heard the phrase “show up and throw up,” right? If not, then you’re part of the problem!

Yesterday I was treated to one of the most egregious examples of nervous sales person babble I’ve ever experienced. Ugh. It was painful.

Too bad too… The service this guy was selling is something I need. Unfortunately for him, while I was listening to him go on and on, answering unasked questions, I was searching the web for competitors to talk to that wouldn’t waste my time.

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