Sales Leadership Cadence: You. Only Better.

If you’re a sales leader, you’ve probably heard that a sales leadership cadence is a must-have because it is the “engine” that aligns and drives everything your sales organization does. But wait a minute. Aren’t YOU the engine that drives the success of your sales team? Well, yes. A sales leadership cadence is simply an ongoing management process comprised of the routine activities, tools, and disciplines you need so that you CAN transform sales strategy into meaningful business results.

In short, a sales leadership cadence is you. Only better.

Rhythmic, disciplined, every-single-day execution is the key to this engine. As one of our clients put it, “The pieces of the Cadence process are simple – the daily and weekly activities, the monthly one-on-one’s, the quarterly business reviews. People might say, ‘Well, that’s not rocket science.’ Maybe not, but it’s the execution that’s the secret sauce.”

Using Advantage’s sales leadership cadence process, that client achieved 12 straight months of over-quota performance and productivity per sales person rose by half in 3 years “which is extraordinary by any industry measure.”

Download the pdf  to learn how a Sales Leadership Cadence can help you achieve similar extraordinary results.

Sales Leadership Cadence is part of Advantage’s comprehensive SalesOptimization approach to accelerating and optimizing sales performance. Learn more »

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