Sales Leadership Tips for 2013

Because the customer will continue to be king in 2013, you must be rigorous and innovative about fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations.

In his SellingPower blog, Gerhard Gschwandtner offers 10 tips for 2013 sales leaders that will help you prepare (we’re huge fans of #4, the crucial Advantage process we call our Buy/Sell Roadmap):
Buy/Sell Roadmap

  1. learn to thrive on change
  2. commit to ongoing improvement
  3. stretch your sales goals
  4. map your sales cycle to the buyer cycle
  5. exploit technology aggressively
  6. motivate everyone to win
  7. measure and reward top performance
  8. rethink, resell, and renew your company mission
  9. when you fall, fall forward and learn from it
  10. create trust – inside and outside the company

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