Scary Specifics

By Nick Miller, Clarity Advantage (an Advantage Thought Leader)

In which we are reminded to provide credible, specific consequences and benefits to action when we’re playing the “fear and uncertainty” card to book an appointment with a prospect.

Some people collect Royal Copenhagen Denmark Christmas Plates. Some people collect stamps. I collect prospecting voicemail messages.

Why is that? Well, from time to time, to think, “Gosh, I should really call that guy back, I think I might be interested now,” and from time to time to provide Monday lessons.

Today’s lesson, BE SPECIFIC, comes from a payroll services company. At the time I received this voicemail, we were one of their customers and they were, essentially, cold calling me to introduce a new service. Here’s how it went:

Hey, Nick. How are you doing? It’s Bob Smith from Colonial Payroll calling, and I work on the human resource compliance side of things over here and over the next few weeks, they’ve asked me to meet with our current small businesses to do a kind of a review, a 2012 review, related to the recent changes in Federal and State requirements, take a look at the Department of Labor, OSHA compliance, and I am up in your area on the 24th of February, I thought I might be able to come in and sit with you for 20 minutes or so, bring you up to speed on some of the things going on out there. Phone number is 978-369-4755. Again, it’s Bob from Colonial Payroll. 978-369-4755.

So, he’s playing the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” card here. “Department of Labor” and “OSHA Compliance” certainly catch my attention [I don’t like the idea of starting my day hearing, “Hi, we’re from OSHA and we’re here to help you.”] but … not compelling enough to get him an appointment.

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