Smart Selling is From the Inside Out

Sales Wise book coverMartyn Lewis, founder of Advantage Thought Leader 3g Selling, reminds us that “soap-box” selling hasn’t worked for a long time. What customers really respond to is a pull rather than a push. In other words: selling “from the inside out.”

“They must understand that we can…”
“They should see that we…”
“We should tell them that…”
“We must ensure that they understand that…”

The “they” and the “them” in these quotes refer, of course, to prospects and I always shudder when I hear such statements. The epitome for me of this kind of questionable logic was when I recently heard the CEO of a start-up organization talking with his sales team. Full of the confidence (and in this case the myopia) that comes from an unassailable belief in his own products, he told his sales people that the prospect “should consider it an honor to do business with us. Tell them that our product is the best on the market. Tell them that these major companies are considering doing business with us. Tell them that we have worked on this technology for over five years. Tell them about our patents.” Will they care? Perhaps some may, but most probably won’t.

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