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We ensure that your people not only understand your business strategy, but are ready to execute it. We help your leaders get everyone aligned around top priorities and able to execute projects for maximum results. And our research-based talent assessments make sure you have the right people in place to achieve goals.

Leadership & Team Performance Success Stories

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Leadership & Team Performance Solutions

Our Toolbox includes more than 400 learning solutions. Click on a program name to download a description, then contact us to discover the role it can play in your learning strategy.

Leadership & Team Performance

Alien Contact
Provides valuable insights into the power of networking and the correlation between relationships and results.

Helps managers achieve on-target performance from individuals and teams.

Applied Leadership Simulation
Addresses the development needs of managers in today’s complex, agility rich business environment.

Focuses on how systems work and how participants can move themselves and their organization forward by developing a deeper understanding of the system in which they “swim.”

Provides hiring managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively assess a pool of candidates and make the best hiring decision.

Best Match
Provides sales managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively assess a pool of candidates and make the best hiring decision.

Provides the specific and practical tools needed to continually improve business processes.

Business e-Simulation
Creates understanding of the financial impact of daily business decisions and how a company makes money.

Business Simulator
Builds insights into every phase of a company’s development: start-up, growth, independence, new product development, and market expansion.

Business Skills for Project Managers
Focuses on leading a project to optimize shareholder value by making project decisions that maximize ROI over the Project Outcome Lifecycle.

Increases employees’ ability to build strong internal relationships at all levels, and maximize the perceived value of their department, position, projects, and functions.

Coaching for Execution
Increases employee engagement, improves productivity and accelerates the achievement of business results.

Coaching for Just Negotiate®
Develops the skills necessary to become an effective change agent through coaching and mentoring on negotiations with direct reports.

Collaborative Negotiations
Focuses on value-driven negotiation to help salespeople align their actions to executive buying behaviors.

Collaborative Negotiations Simulation
Challenges sales executives, account managers, and sales managers to develop key negotiating skills and behaviors.

Focuses on the leader’s role in driving innovation by involving every team member in creative activities and successfully turning ideas into business processes.

Reinforces and hones the systems-thinking approach to human performance that managers learned when they experienced Symphony.

Builds on the power of trust-based relationships as foundations for all feedback and coaching interactions.

Custom Board Simulations
Provides learning opportunities about project trade-offs, risk, and shareholder value.

Custom Computer Scenario Simulations
Provide learning based on human dynamics, and the social side of project leadership and management.

Custom Computer Simulations
Complex models of simulated project process are presented in a dynamic environment that provides feedback on management decisions.

Customized Business Acumen Simulations
Offer participants a risk-free opportunity to test out a range of relevant strategies for driving business results.

Decision Base
Develops business acumen, strategic planning, and strategic execution skills.

Decision Mojo
Helps participants recognize key cognitive traps that can cause sub-optimum decisions, then teaches specific strategies for making more effective decisions.

Developing and Using Influence
Focuses on the importance of influence in today’s complex organizations.

Dress Rehearsal
Helps teams discover what they are good at, what it takes to work across functions, and the importance of adaptability and systems.

Effective Feedback
Hone the delicate art of giving constructive feedback in difficult situations.

The Employee Engagement Mindset™
The 6 drivers for tapping into the hidden potential of every employee.

Builds managers’ understanding of what sets high-performing teams apart from average teams.

Increases the ability of organizations and employees to shift from an internal product focus to an external market focus.

Epic Change®
Equips participants with a methodology for leading major change initiatives within their organizations.

Essentials of Business Leadership
Enables new managers to develop leadership skills and improve their business decisions in a risk-free environment.

First Light
Plunges participants into a world of challenges in which they learn about their own team, about adapting a plan to changing circumstances, and about their own appetite for risk and reward.

Highlights the need to move to a higher order of sacrifice across internal teams and silos in order to achieve external wins.

Infinity Inc.
Shows how to drive transformation on behalf of the customer, and evolve the business, processes, roles, and leadership behaviors to make this transformation a success.

Explores the interplay of an individual’s decisions on the tangible (financial) as well as the intangible (people, customer relationships, and culture) value they create for the organization.

Journey Home
Provides a powerful experience around alignment to mission within a changing context, working in teams, leadership, innovation, focus on customers, and communication.

Leading Change™
Shows how to champion change efforts and manage the change process through leadership, perseverance, risk-taking, and enrollment of others.

Leading High Performing Teams
Manage teams to higher productivity and exceptional performance.

Leading Remotely
Manage daily performance and build a high-performing team when team members are geographically dispersed

Leading Strategy Execution
Builds a leader’s capability to make the right decisions better and faster for achieving business results.

Marketing Communications Workshop
Explores key marketing messages aligned to each step of the customer buying process.

Mission Possible
Demonstrates the benefits of work process redesign and how – with proper leadership, methods and principles – to achieve more with less.

Provide an impactful interactive learning opportunity for mid to senior leaders. Case Study

Negotiation Mastery
Develops the skills to improve the efficiency and results of negotiations, transform internal and external client relationships, enhance sales and account management, and manage alliances more effectively.

Illustrates the process of implementing a strategy in a changing, technology-driven environment.

Patient’s VOICE® Skill Clinics™
A standards-based healthcare customer service improvement program designed to reduce hospital re-admissions, risk, and costs as well improve quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Power of 3: Persuasion
Focuses on influencing as joint problem solving that requires an understanding of the other parties’ needs and concerns.

Products Simulation
Allows participants to experience the challenges and opportunities faced by a products-based business in a competitive environment.

Project Delta
Challenges participants to intellectually, physically, and emotionally experience the significance of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) in the workplace.

Project Risk & Opportunity Management
Applies a risk management process that includes developing and managing from a risk register, risk mitigation, and contingency planning.

Pumping the Colors®
A challenging and uplifting way for team members to develop their creativity, cooperation, organization, planning, and risk-taking skills.

Raise Your Game: Advanced Negotiation
Addresses advanced negotiation topics while enhancing the tools and skills learned through Just Negotiate®.

Resolve Your Conflicts
Enhances conflict resolution skills and the ability to communicate well, enhance relationships, and achieve more meaningful solutions.

Results-Focused Conversations
Helps any group that presents messages to senior-level executives learn how to develop credibility at top levels and offer strategically relevant solutions.

Services Simulation
Allows participants to experience the challenges and opportunities faced by a services-based business in a competitive environment.

Successful Conversations
Builds the communication skills needed to demonstrate trust, enhance relationships, and achieve meaningful resolutions.

Provides managers with a systems-thinking approach to leading effectively, especially through periods of change, and the tools and skills needed to assess, plan, and manage individual and team performance.

Builds business acumen and strategic planning competencies, with emphasis on the leadership skills needed to align human capital with organizational strategy.

Team Power
Prompts teams to analyze their current performance, and helps intact and cross-functional teams learn how to support business objectives more effectively.

Helps managers better understand the nature of change from both their personal perspective and as it impacts their challenges as managers.

The Leadership Test
Focuses on the core of leadership – values and principles such as personal responsibility, stewardship, work ethic, integrity, and contribution.

The Management Game
Gives managers a model for determining the communication style that best fits each employee, and how to approach coaching conversations based on the needs of the performer.

The Maxx
Challenges leaders to exhibit high levels of financial and strategic insight, while concurrently leveraging the skills of emotional intelligence.

The Medici Game
Reflects on the splendor of the Renaissance to provide breakthrough strategies for solving departmental and organizational challenges.

Transforming Mindsets
Expand your self leadership and relationship potential.

World View
Confronts some of the most challenging elements of organizational life: change, alignment, leveraging shared history, and the concept of thriving from diversity.

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