Success Strategy: When New Sales Leaders Take Charge

Successful sales is an art, a discipline, and a science. We provide sales processes that not only structure in accountability, but also teach the team to engage in the practices of successful selling – planning, hiring, coaching, and forecasting — on a consistent basis.

Issues You’re Facing

  • No consistent sales management process or use of best practices
  • Ad hoc sales coaching
  • Sales performance isn’t up to expectation
  • High turnover
  • Sales training hasn’t created meaningful improvement

How We Can Help

  • Create consistent sales management practices
  • Achieve top-line growth targets
  • Generate more revenue per sale
  • Sell to higher levels
  • Create more customer value
  • Enhance sales management coaching
  • Grow/protect existing account relationships

Success Strategy: Taking Charge As a New LeaderAs a result of careful analysis of sales leaders' best practices, we created our version of something analogous to a computer's operating system -- a Windows of a high performing sales organization.

When New Sales Leaders Take Charge

Five Disciplines Of Sales Management


Successful selling begins at the top. So to make sure the sales team stays on track, sales leaders – whether new or not – must get on track. That means establishing the right sales management vision, strategy, and disciplines from the very beginning.

When a new sales leader takes charge, he or she is faced with a multitude of competing priorities. These include requests from management, the sales force, other functional areas of the company, and customers.

Assuming there are no “bet the company” crises at hand, a new sales leader’s most important challenge is to strike an appropriate balance between focusing on urgent, day-to-day issues and developing an important, long-term perspective.

Success Strategy

In “When New Sales Leaders Take Charge,” John Hoskins (Advantage Performance Group co-founder) and Nick Miller (Clarity Advantage Corp. founder and President) recommend a systematic approach of four assessment checks and five disciplines for structuring an effective ongoing sales management process.

Quick checks of the sales pipeline, team, processes, and environment come first, followed by developing and communicating the sales vision and strategy. The next task is to create and install the sales management “best practice” disciplines that Hoskins and Miller have helped many sales leaders use for outstanding success. These disciplines are ongoing management processes that sales leaders (and their teams) use keep track of things on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Coaching is an integral part.

If a new sales leader—or any sales leader who needs to improve performance—implements these checks and establishes these disciplines as routine within 90 days, it will help them execute their new sales strategy and increase their chances of ongoing success.

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