Strategy Requires an Architect and a Builder

By Rex Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Advantage Performance Group

Suppose you want to build a house. First you need a strong design with structural integrity (an architect). But the plans are of no value unless you execute it (a builder) properly. Advantage takes the same approach to helping our clients optimize their sales organizations. We not only help you create a clear sales strategy, but also build the systems to effectively execute it.

Execution is crucial and it doesn’t always happen. Here’s one example. I had a client a few years ago with annual revenue over $100 million. Their new President developed a strategy for both their direct and indirect sales forces. I heard him deliver the strategy to the sales force leaders multiple times in various meetings; the strategy was clear, well thought out, and it made sense. The President was a good architect.

Unfortunately, that house never got built. What happened? The President lost the support of his team because of the way he treated them. He alienated his senior staff as well as most people in the company — including the indirect sales force. He wasn’t able to execute. A short time later, the company was selling about 50% less a year.

As Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Strategy is simply a plan to get from point A to point B. It must include an analysis from all levels of the organization, not just what the President or CEO sees. While getting buy-in from all levels is the first step to successful execution, it’s not the only component. Aligning sales goals, processes, and values is critical. It is necessary to get the right people in the right jobs, and make sure they have the skills, ongoing support, and leadership cadence to execute at maximum level.

Executing a strategy well is good leadership, which results in positive economic impact. Advantage supports you as both architect and builder. We help you create and then execute a clear, achievable strategy throughout your sales culture. It’s the only way we know to create truly optimal sales performance.

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