Taco Bell Uses Social Media to Ward Off PR Crisis

Taco Bell is the latest company scrambling to explain a PR mess. This is a full-blown social media crisis, so it’s a good thing Taco Bell has a social media strategy. Does your company?

“The use of social media to address a public relations crisis is fairly new, but brands like Taco Bell are learning. Last year, Toyota’s adept use of social media helped counter potentially devastating news reports about recalls. In fact, it may have even helped the brand.” – Mashable

“A few consumers’ beef with Taco Bell this week offered some red meat to the blogosphere,” Mashable’s Todd Wasserman writes.

“The conversation about the restaurant’s beef, spurred by a class-action lawsuit, seemed ready-made for viral media. The suit claims that Taco Bell misrepresents the contents of its beef; The restaurant calls it “seasoned ground beef” or “seasoned beef,” although the product contains 88% beef.

“A list of the ‘Top Five Reasons Taco Bell Might Actually Be More Dangerous Than MTV’s Skins’ got good play on Digg. A photo of a label from Taco Bell describing ‘Taco Meat Filling’ also lit up the Twittersphere.

“Faced with a social media crisis, Taco Bell is now fighting back via its Facebook Page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. So far, though, the company hasn’t gotten a lot of traction.

“Yesterday, the fast food chain uploaded a video on YouTube of company president and chief concept officer Greg Creed explaining that the chain’s beef is ‘100% USDA inspected’ and that the beef is seasoned with various spices and water ‘to provide Taco Bell’s signature taste and texture.’ ”

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