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Advantage CEO offers tips on winning enterprise sales
: Salt Lake City: (801) 243-5559

Jon focuses his primary energies on the development of new breakthrough learning systems, executive level consulting for strategic client partners and supporting the cast of team members that are the heart and soul of Advantage Performance Group.

Recent posts

Multipliers book cover

Don’t be like Diminisher Jon, be like Multiplier Jon

By Jonathan Hodge | February 1, 2016

How the best leaders get the most from the talent they support

Did we jump the shark with value selling?

By Jonathan Hodge | July 7, 2015

The question is not really about “how do we need to change” as it is “how much?”

The first step to becoming a better consultant is admitting that you are one

By Jonathan Hodge | June 10, 2015

Then work to deliver value in every conversation and interaction.

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