The Employee Engagement Mindset


The 6 Drivers for Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Every Employee

ee-mindset-featuredFor years, employers were the primary force in making sure employees felt engaged. To what effect? In most organizations, only 25 percent of employees are highly engaged. The surprising news is that today’s most productive employees unleash their own potential. According to new research by Advantage thought leaders TRCLARK, 99 percent of highly engaged employees take personal and primary responsibility for their own engagement. These “self-engaged” workers are a powerful and effective competitive weapon.

When it comes to engagement, leaders should shift from an employer-centered to an employee-centered mindset. TRCLARK provides the blueprint. Their research shows that leaders who emphasize shared manager and personal responsibility tap into employees’ intrinsic motivation. The result is dramatically increased employee engagement that makes lucrative competitive sense.

Learn more about The Employee Engagement Mindset™ and check out the book by Dr. Timothy Clark.

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