This Fortune 25 Leader Put the Right Salespeople in the Right Roles

chess board photoWhen our $2 billion Fortune 25 client acquired a pharma benefits competitor of equal size, the result was duplicate sales forces. Reducing two mirror-image sales teams by half was challenging enough.

But add the fact that every quota (average: $100 million) was crucial, the merger happened during a very active sales period, and Wall Street was expecting the company to make its metrics — and you can almost feel the stress level.

Luckily, the Sales VP used the talent architecture aspect of our Advantage SalesOptimization framework to, 1) define the competencies required by each role, 2) assess and align the right sales talent to the right roles, and 3) create a clear line of sight to accelerate business impact.

In this webinar, hear Ron Fox (VP and General Manager of Sales at Express Scripts) describe how — in 6 amazing weeks — he culled the best from each organization and created a unified sales team where leaders and contributors are now in the right roles and achieving great results. “We are on a trajectory to hit stretch performance goals for this year. We’re just delighted we’re as successful as we have been given some of the headwinds we’ve been facing.”

Listen to the webinar replay »

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