Volatility, Uncertainty, Fear and Loathing

Okay, we’re just kidding about fear and loathing. But there’s nothing funny about the VUCA environment that challenges every sales organization these days. Think you aren’t bothered by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, or Ambiguity? Consider this:

  • Volatility = you’re losing good sales talent
  • Uncertainty = managers are “winging it” because they don’t have a consistent sales leadership cadence
  • Complexity = your customers’ needs and wants keep changing, and you’re not sure how to stand out in their minds
  • Ambiguity = there’s no solid sales forecasting to show what lies ahead

You can’t create optimal sales results when you’re not certain what to do, when, or how. That’s why Advantage created SalesOptimization. It focuses on getting things right across your sales organization – and replacing VUCA with an environment of certainty. Take the first step: Rapid Analysis.

And be sure to join us Aug 24th for our next SalesOptimization webinar: Right People: Getting the Right Salespeople in the Right Seats.

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