Why a Journey Needs a Map

Need to tell your organization a story so that you can execute strategy better –- but nobody wants to listen? Maybe that’s because they can’t “see” what you’re talking about. In this blog, JJ Pastore (from our Thought Leader partners, Root Learning) explains the value of using storyboards to help people connect the dots.

I recently returned to Root after completing a sabbatical to work as a character animator on a Warner Brothers film. The studio I worked with (and the many others working on the film) had to understand the director’s vision so we could bring it to life. Surprisingly, most of us never communicated directly with the director. That’s right – thousands of people in part responsible for a $210 million project never ever met the project lead! That’s a scary thought, but one Hollywood wrestles with every day. So how do they make this communication possible and consistent? Storyboards!

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