Complimentary Webinar: How to Select a World-Class Sales Force

Join an important, 2-hour webinar to  to learn how leading companies select the talent needed for world-class sales forces – and avoid making costly sales talent mistakes.

This webinar, originally held April 7, 2011, presents the unique methodology, processes, and predictive assessment tools of Chally Group Worldwide. During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to match the right type of salesperson to your customers
  • The 4 types of salespeople and how to recruit them
  • How to specialize your sales force to meet company objectives
  • How to interview candidates to get the “real picture” and obtain valid information from a background check
  • How to budget for sales employee selection
  • How to get predictive results by using selection assessments
  • Ways to avoid the “10 Most Common Incentive Mistakes”
  • How to set up a state-of-the-art selection system


Rex Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Advantage Performance Group
Advantage Performance is a sales and leadership consulting network. We draw upon an elite team of globally recognized thought leaders that include our partner, Chally Group Worldwide.


James H. Killian, Ph.D., Chief Psychologist & Director of Consulting Operations, Chally Group Worldwide. Dr. Killian has conducted more than 1,000 executive coaching engagements and designed a multitude of global and Fortune 500 personnel selection system and leader development initiatives.
Scott Hudson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Chally Group Worldwide. Mr. Hudson specializes in workforce effectiveness and productivity with particular focus on sales transformation.

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The Advantage Team

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