You Can’t Create a Sales Team Out of Thin Air

Building a team of successful salespeople was easier back when you could choose from a large pool of solid performers and let them loose on a well-understood, relatively unchanging market. No more.

Today headcount is limited, things change quickly, and every sales activity must align with strategy. So if you can’t rely on the thin air of intuition, good intentions, and past experience to hire, place, and develop sales talent – what’s the answer? A “talent architecture.” Our Right People talent architecture tells you the three things you need to know to make the best and most strategic use of your sales talent:

  1. what competencies are needed in each sales role to meet your strategic goals
  2. which people are the best fit for those roles
  3. how to develop those people over the long term

Discover the Talent Architecture role impact maps, job profiles and audits, and development roadmaps that will ensure you have the right people to carry out your sales strategy.

More Information:

» Right People pdf
» Talent Archtecture pdf

Learn more from our webinar, “Getting the Right Salespeople in the Right Seats.”

» Replay the webinar

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