Advantage capabilities and learning partners

Partnering with best-in-class learning providers, Advantage Performance Group is uniquely positioned to prepare these or other custom-fit learning solutions for your organization.

Advantage learning partners

The Immersive Learning Platform

Transformative online experiential solutions

Cutting-edge, immersive leadership training for globally dispersed leadership teams

State-of-the-art learning technology

The Immersive Learning Platform is a disruptive learning technology that changes the way that learning is designed, consumed and measured.

ILP experiences immerse participants in virtual or blended, intellectually challenging, and emotionally engaging, story-rich worlds. Deep learning pedagogy and human-factor design expertise underlie multiplatform tools and analytics. From simulated practice to on-the-job execution, each experience is focused on sustainable behaviour change.

The Immersive Learning Platform is from Exper!ence it inc.

Strategic Learning Map® Modules

Help your people understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your strategy

Connecting your people's roles to the overall strategy and vision for your company takes more than a memo. It takes a map with the route clearly laid out.

Whether you're implementing a single initiative or a company-wide strategic shift, Strategic Learning Map® modules from Root Inc. convey large amounts of information and enable your people to understand the drama, emotion, and complex stories with a clear path for change.

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Interplay, developed by 10,000 Feet,  has been called a “mini MBA-in-a-day” for good reason. It builds a broad understanding of the critical factors that influence success or failure in any organization. Originally created for both Apple and Microsoft, Interplay has subsequently been used by many other leading organizations. Working in teams, participants develop strategy and resolve business challenges.


The Multipliers Simulation, developed by our thought leader partner BTS and available exclusively from Advantage Performance Group, is a powerful experience that enables participants to lead as “Multipliers”. These leaders create a culture in which people contribute their best thinking to the organization. The simulation is based on the best-selling book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, by Liz Wiseman.


Companies and organizations worldwide are tuning in to emotional intelligence and making EQ a key component of their business strategies.  BlueEQ™ was developed to help leaders, sales people and others develop their emotional intelligence.

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