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Whether you sell products or ideas, you can't make the most of your sales strengths until you're clear on what they are.  Get a free Predictive Strengths Indicator report based on your responses and find out what you're good at.

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The GrowthPlay Talent Assessment  is a single, 24/7 objective tool to gather critical talent data for you. The 850 points of data gathered by the assessment help you plan talent development, alignment, selection, and succession.

When applied to an entire sales team, the assessment can save organizations training costs and help prevent turnover by providing access to skill and role comparisons. Everyone benefits when their skills are used in the role that's best for them. The assessment gives overall success potential with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup.

Our free edition provides participants with a Predictive Strengths Indicator report that identifies their top 10 sales capabilities and can serve as the basis for a more comprehensive talent audit across your organization.

Try it out for yourself, or get your entire sales team to participate!

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Team members may optionally request their results also be sent to a secondary email address on the next page.

The assessment takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be sent a username and password in case you prefer to complete it at another time or need to pause and continue later. Your results are confidential and will not be shared beyond our organization. Testing is provided via Chally Group Worldwide, a GrowthPlay company.

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