Webcast Replays – 2009 Sales Leadership Series

The following slides and audio replays are available from our 2009 webcast series.

Advantage Sales Leadership Webcast Series 2009

3rd Generation Selling
Feb. 13, 2009

Are you losing sleep over plummeting sales that economists warn may get worse? Martyn Lewis of Market-Partners offers strategies tailored to this highly uncertain sales climate. From effective sales process and pipeline management to the critical issues of B2B and B2C sales organizations, his solutions for “managing the business of sales” will deliver dramatic sales improvement in 2009 and consistent sales superiority over the long term. (Market-Partners is a global leader in B2B sales performance.)


Everybody Wins When You Negotiate Well
March 6, 2009

Are your sales people and management constantly facing price-driven negotiations? Would you like to help increase your company’s bottom-line, salespeoples’ commission and your own pocket during tough economic times? Scott Roberts, Senior Consultant at Accordence, will explain how to make negotiation a competitive advantage when you learn how to discount less, or not at all. Scott will present a simple framework you can use to enhance your negotiation success. The same framework that Scott has successfully used himself and with his clients to drive additional value. Scott has been negotiating for decades as a field sales representative, sales manager, VP of Sales, Senior VP of Strategic Planning and Development, and CEO. He has also negotiated as a lawyer both in a private firm and as in-house counsel.


Set Customer Expectations Higher
April 14, 2009

Customers have clearly changed the way they buy. Do your sales people understand how to help customers navigate through this recession? Lou Schachter, managing director of the Sales Practice at BTS, will provide strategies for uncovering and actually raising customers expectations, then selling solutions that give customers better business results, faster. It’s a transformative way for your sales organization to add unique value fast – and an inspired way to retain and grow customer relationships during tough times. (Schachter is the author of Mind of the Customer.)


Applying Total Quality Management to Sales
April 30, 2009

Total Quality Management and Six Sigma are data-driven methodologies for eliminating defects in organizations based on standards, measurements, and repeatable processes. These methodologies have provided undeniable success for organizations around the world by eliminating waste and improving productivity. Now this methodology has been applied to SALES. Howard Stevens, CEO of HR Chally, will present the TQSalesM process and illustrate how this methodology can deliver predictable revenue increases through improvements in salesperson ramp-up times, cost savings associated with reductions in sales force turnover, and growth in overall sales force productivity.

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How to Increase Sales 15-25% by Aligning to a Buying Process
July 10, 2009

Your customers have a buying process. Do you know what it is? Do you know who is involved at each step? Do you know how to align to move the buying process forward? Martyn Lewis of Market-Partners will help you understand how to recognize your customers’ buying process(es) and how to make sure that you are aligned. As Martyn says, “There is no such thing as solution selling – there is only solution buying.”

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How To Manage Sales in Times of Recession
August 6, 2009

With the global financial crisis currently in our midst, it’s difficult to stop and consider the fact that we are actually getting pretty good at this. History has repeated similar situations over and over again, with the great depression, recessions in 1953 and 1957, the 1973 oil crisis, and other recessions in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000. The difference is that the recovery period has been reduced from 10 years with the Great Depression, to 1-2 years in recent recessions. But only some businesses are learning from our history and getting smarter on their strategic approaches during trying financial times.

A crisis is the easiest time to make significant changes. Howard Stevens, CEO of HR Chally, will describe the research findings that differentiate the strategies of Winners versus Losers during tough times. He will share research of 80,000 customers and 7,300 sales forces that identifies the best practices of the World Class Sales Forces. Benchmark your sales organization against these best practices and you’ll know exactly what to improve during the tough times of 2009. (The HR Chally Group is a premier provider of research-based sales effectiveness solutions.)

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Sales Forecasting – A Zero Value-add Exercise in Reporting – Or a Vital Business Management Process?
Sept. 4, 2009

Martyn Lewis, President of Market-Partners, will help you understand why your approach to sales forecasting may be either inherently flawed or lack a number of the fundamentals that must underlie any successful forecasting process. He’ll help you understand effective forecasting principles, enabling you to more accurately understand where your business is coming from and when. And more importantly – what you can do to accelerate business in the pipeline.


Sales Transformation
Oct. 9, 2009

You hear about “sales transformation” all the time, but what does it really mean? Lou Schachter, managing director of the Sales Practice at BTS, will help you understand what is necessary in today’s economy to truly transform a sales organization. The buying world has changed and your competitors are adapting. Is your sales organization changing, or will it be left behind?


More Profitable Relationships Faster
Nov. 3, 2009

Is it still true that “people buy from people,” even in this economy? Nick Miller, President of Clarity Advantage, will help you understand how to change sales strategies when the economy is contracting. You’ll learn how to help your sales people have a flexible focus, while at the same time having a clear value proposition and consistent discipline. Who are your best prospects today? Is all business good business? Nick will help you understand how to answer those questions.


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