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Advantage Performance Senior Partner Christopher Lydon brings clients more than 25 years of experience helping leading organizations increase their effectiveness by improving management practices and sales efficiency. His work includes designing and managing long-term strategic change projects, and implementing worldwide innovation initiatives. He has facilitated meetings and learning programs in Asia and Europe. An experienced facilitator and practitioner he specializes in the Advantage competency areas of sales leadership, innovation, and change management.

Christopher’s career includes serving as National Account Manager and Senior Consultant for Learning International, where he managed global accounts and developed customized performance improvement programs for global clients. Christopher is founder and principal of Lydon Associates, a San Francisco based strategic engagement consulting firm. His articles on management and leadership have appeared in professional publications. He earned a B.A. degree in Political Science from George Washington University and an MBA from UCLA.

Name some organizations with which you’ve worked.
Autodesk, Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Fluor, Electronic Arts, Kaiser Permanente, Cadence Design Systems, DHL Airways.

How does this experience benefit what you offer clients today?
My experience allows me to bring a strong focus on best practices, those proven strategies and approaches that have worked for many organizations. I also serve as an integrator of existing systems and processes. I make sure that initiatives are integrated with what’s already going well, ensure that the impact supports larger goals, design outcomes that increase alignment and increase engagement.

What’s the best thing you do for clients?
One is to serve as a “white board,” to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that work. I also bring a fearlessness around asking the difficult questions rather than simply rely on assumptions that may not be borne out by actual results.

What delights you about your work?
I find this work fascinating because it involves people. I enjoy delving into the environment to find the themes, coordinate the elements, unravel the mysteries. What may look chaotic usually has some rhyme and reason at its core. I always try to explore the confusion rather than simply attempt to sweep it away.

What are your personal “business words to live by?”
“Begin with your managers.” This is especially important in complex and sophisticated work environments, where technically proficient people aren’t necessarily good managers. In every business environment, you must inform, engage, and develop the management team first, and retain their attention and commitment throughout the duration of the initiative.

If you could make only one thing happen for your clients, what would it be?
Help organizations discover the power that results when their people are more aligned and engaged around critical issues.

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