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: San Francisco: (650) 504-5774

Shortly after starting my consultative career in organizational development in 2004, I discovered that my greatest passion lies in helping senior leaders define, design, and implement meaningful people initiatives that drive business strategy. I get energized about the idea of collaborating with leaders and teams to solve challenging problems. I’ve developed a solid reputation as someone with a keen ability to link key priorities to people capabilities, translating into improved organizational performance. I bring a firm grasp of social science, adult learning, and motivation to solution design, which is what I believe helps build the connective tissue between behavior change and long-lasting results.

My best practice knowledge was gained through my experiences with hundreds of corporate cultures over the years. I’ve been able to apply this expertise into shaping many large-scale, strategic, and global initiatives with top companies. So, I’m definitely looking forward to my next adventure with APG and meeting the whole team. I’m truly excited to be a part of it!

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