Creating 'Followership' for More Engaged Employees

You can’t be much of a strategic change leader if you don’t have any followers.

In unprecedented and profound numbers, our followers aren’t buying what we’re selling. Gallup reports that more than 74% of employees are not actively engaged and Manpower confirms that 84% of them are looking for a new job. How do you lead so that people will follow?

For answers you can use right away, join Root Learning CEO Jim Haudan on Tuesday, October 25, at 1pm EDT for the webinar, “Creating Followership for More Engaged Employees.”

Jim Haudan, CEO, Root Learning

You will discover how making subtle changes in the way you lead will help you create the sustained, positive motivation necessary for people to follow your strategic change leadership. You’ll learn ways to:

  • reframe the challenges and connect employees to a future positive state
  • tell a simple and easy-to-identify story that is evocative of a positive experience
  • create the emotional resonance that motivates and engages people in today’s difficult economy

(Advantage Performance draws upon an elite team of globally recognized Thought Leaders that include our partner, Root Learning.)

Jim Haudan, CEO, Root Learning
Jim Haudan believes that business results don’t come from creating great strategy, but by meaningfully connecting all the people in the company to bring it to life. At Root Learning, Jim leads a group of innovative, analytical people who combine insight, art, visualization, and dialogue to help companies build creative ways to execute strategy. Jim wrote the 2008 best seller, The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities, which reflects lessons learned after 20 years of consulting with many of the world’s largest companies.

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