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The world needs more innovative thinkers and leaders. Special guest facilitator Shane Snow will reveal how you can become one of them. [webinar 05.20]

We've launched a new webinar series on innovation called Together, We Create! as a way to continue the momentum from our 2020 series and provide you with an extra boost of fuel for the journey ahead. 

Virtual learning that's FUN

Regular hours at the office are a still thing of the past for many, but that doesn't mean you can't continue your talent development efforts. Now is the perfect time to help people on your team dream more, learn more, and become more.

HOW to think differently featuring Shane Snow (illustration of a lemon as a lightbulb)

HOW to think differently

The world needs more innovative thinkers and leaders. Special guest Shane Snow will reveal how you can become one of them. [webinar 05.20]

Leading with Psychological Safety - Ho has the pandemic really affected our collective emotyional intelligence? (photo of wooden dummy taking a nose dive)

Leading with Psychological Safety

Find out how the pandemic has affected our collective emotional intelligence and what leaders can do to help [webinar replay + takeaway]

How Coach John Beilein built cohesive teams with mentors, big data, and a growth mindset. (basketball photo by chelsea ferenando on Unsplash)

March Madness: Turning rookies into valuable team players

How Coach John Beilein built cohesive teams with mentors, big data, and a growth mindset

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Talent Development Tuesday: Expanding the talent pool (podcast icon)

Expanding the talent pool

Turning a corporate merger into an opportunity to reveal hidden talent and open doors

Talent Development Tuesday - Iy was a dark and stormy night... (raincloud and moon icon)

It was a dark and stormy night …

You’re driving your brand new Tesla in the pouring rain. Around the bend awaits a test to challenge how you think.

Talent Development Tuesday: Storm Clouds and Silver Linings (sun and thunderbolt icon)

Storm clouds and silver linings

What organizations have been struggling with and how they have risen to meet the challenges of a year unlike any other

with Andy Storch

How to develop yourself and others with Ted Fleming

With the right leadership skills, you can successfully develop talent and move up in your company

Get out of your HR comfort zone with Tracie Sponenberg

How becoming uncomfortable can change your life in incredible ways.

Stop living on autopilot with Antonio Neves

How to take more ownership of your career, overcome what holds you back, and move forward with intention.

To infinity and beyond!

Tap into the power of storytelling to help create positive change in 2021 [webinar 12.10]

Inclusion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

Practical ways you and your organization can heed the call for a more inclusive world [webinar replay]

Increase sales by activating a sense of purpose across your organization

Selling with Noble Purpose author/speaker Lisa McLeod will show you how [webinar replay + sneak peek]

Help your people get there faster [webinar 10.01]

Future forward career development with author/expert Christine DiDonato

Greatness at hand: Linda Hill’s acclaimed book on leadership is going mobile

Valuable insights for leading in a crisis plus a sneak peek of the new learning journey and mobile app [webinar replay]

Leading Change: We’re not in Kansas anymore [webinar replay]

Learn what’s most critical to leading your people through 2020’s monumental winds of change, and get a tool that will help you do it.

Greatness at hand: A webinar with Harvard Professor Linda Hill, whose management classic Being the boss is going mobile.
The 1st90 app is optimized for mobile use

Mobile learning to build new skills and habits in just 5-10 minutes/day

Backstage Magic

Turn your Zoom sessions into engaging, memorable, and worry-free experiences with our new Zoom producer training course.
Learn more.

Selling with Noble Purpose

Experience a 10-minute interactive audio journey with author/speaker Lisa McLeod to discover what's at the heart of Selling with Noble Purpose®, an organizational mindset and practice that puts helping customers solve big problems at the core of every interaction.

Listen here!

We help organizations develop great people

Advantage Performance Group provides creative learning and consulting solutions that equip individuals, teams, and organizations to be the best at what they do. We help leaders lead, sellers sell, and businesses flourish.

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How we help your organization

Whether you're new here or a valued customer, let's get to know each other better!

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