Advantage is the first place to call when you need leaders to lead,  sellers to sell, and your business to flourish. 

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imaginative, collaborative, and insightful.

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Background is from our top-rated Interplay session at HR Indiana.
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Advantage is the first place to call when you need leaders to lead, sellers to sell, and your business to flourish.

Our clients say we're imaginative, collaborative, and insightful.

What will you say?

Advantage Performance Group partners with top learning providers to help individuals, teams, and organizations be the best at what they do.

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The Talent Development Hot Seat Podcast

Sponsored by Advantage Performance Group, the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast with Andy Storch allows talent development professionals around the world to share their insights, experience, challenges, and some of the top trends they are seeing in the L&D profession.

Latest episode

Andy Storch, host of the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast
Advantage Performance Group has been named to Training Industry's 2019 Sales Training Watch List for the 5th consecutive year

Advantage Performance earns spot on 2019 Sales Training Watch List

We’ve been named to Training Industry’s 2019 Sales Training Watch List in what is our fifth consecutive year to be honored.

3 emotional intelligence behaviors that are critical for building culture

Free tools to boost your openness, relationships, and impulse control

Enroll in our free BlueEQ™ mini learning journey to boost the 3 most critical dimensions of emotional intelligence that drive winning cultures.

Liz Wiseman joins Andy Storch on the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast

Liz Wiseman in the Hot Seat: Turning your managers into Multipliers

It’s all about mindset. Don’t miss bestselling author and thought leader Liz Wiseman’s talk with Andy Storch on the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast.

Make great decisions

Is your subconscious derailing your decisions and your culture?

Making high-quality decisions that drive great cultures is a skill that can be mastered, especially if you understand how your subconscious is involved.

Get our 2019 Resource Kit!

Get our best free resources!

For the past year, we’ve been creating free resources aimed at helping organizations develop great people. Access the best ones in our 2019 Resource Kit!

5 truths and a lie about high-potential leadership programs - image of girl pilot

5 truths and a lie about high-potential leadership programs

New research reveals how top organizations across the globe are building the next generation of leaders in an era of massive change.

We listen, build and deliver solutions that work.

Get everyone aligned around top priorities.

Develop a winning team that blasts through sales targets.

Create a business-savvy organization.

What it's like to work with Advantage

Electrifying results with Multipliers
A 9% gain in just 3 months with BlueEQ
Empowering leaders at Guidewire
Reinventing the client experience
A bright light for global pharma
No more death by PowerPoint!


Healthy pets, happy clients

Embarking on a mission to improve the veterinary client experience

The client experience program developed for us by Advantage Performance has resulted in measurable gains in client satisfaction, revenue per client, and return visits. We will continue to partner with Advantage as we cascade this success into other parts of the business.”

Aaron Frazier, VP of Client Experience
VCA Animal Hospitals

700+ hospitals, 12,700 employees

$2.1 billion in sales

8.6 million pet visits per year

Healthcare, we feel your pain.

We have resources to help ease the pain of unprecedented disruption in your industry. We also have experience delivering solutions aimed specifically at helping healthcare leaders meet their industry's unique challenges.

We'd like to introduce you to our healthcare industry success stories, our most popular and effective tools for healthcare leaders, and some free resources you can try without risk or obligation.

Financial formulas cheat sheet

We've got a new resource from Brent Snow at 10,000 Feet, creators of the popular simulation Interplay, the interactive game-based workshop that's been called a "mini MBA-in-a-Day."

Interplay builds a broad understanding of the critical factors that influence success or failure in any organization. Besides having a lot of fun, participants compete as executive leaders of a growing enterprise and finish the workshop with the kind of knowledge that's built from experience.

This handy reference of key financial ratios all business leaders must know is a great resource to have at your fingertips.

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Our creative learning solutions are designed to deliver results and can be tailored to help you meet your toughest challenges or your most ambitious goals.

Click on one of the boxes to discover more about some of our most widely adopted learning experiences:

These are representative sample of solutions that have helped us consistently deliver great impact for our clients. If you don't see what you need here, please don't hesitate to contact us to explore our many other resources.

Tips for CEOs, business leaders, managers and sales professionals

Training leaders to embrace innovation

To establish a culture that allows for the birth of innovative ideas, leaders need to learn new behaviors and skills. Here’s how an innovation journey can help.

3 critical skills behind all winning cultures

Psychological safety or lack thereof can build up or quickly kill your organization’s culture. Here are 3 make-or-break skills every employee and leader must have for your culture to thrive.

Smarter leadership coaching: Make it personal

Great coaching doesn’t just drive results. It’s personal, and it changes people for the better.

6 common decision-making traps and tips to avoid them

Decision traps are so hard-wired into our thinking process that we often fail to recognize them even when we are falling right into them. Are you at risk?

The Advantage Way

Our best-practice methodologies, High Impact Learning Systems® and the Advantage WaySM Certification Program, ensure business impact learning from your initiatives. Guaranteed.

It’s not enough to put people through a leadership training program and assume they will return to their job and start using what they’ve learned. ...We wanted to implement a complete learning-to-performance process. To that end, Advantage’s High Impact Learning process was invaluable."

Lisa Bell, Manager of the Holcim North American Learning Center

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