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Advantage Performance Group • We help organizations develop great people.

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Plan now for success in 2024 - The final quarter of 2023 is fast approaching. What are you doing to finish strong and optimize your team performance for 2024? Symphony will provide you with a systematic approach to performance management and great leader tools to ensure your goals for the next business cycle are on target or even better. Join us Oct. 4 or 6 for an overview and/or attend the full 2-session virtual experience on Oct. 10 and 13.

Turn your frontline sales leaders into masterful sales coaches with Level Five Selling. Attend our complimentary flyover at 9am or 4pm Eastern on Thursday, Oct.12, and/or sign up for a complimentary seat to experience one of our 2 deep-dive options from 11am-1:30pm Eastern on Thursday, Oct. 26, or Tuesday, Nov. 7. Everyone who registers can receive a free copy of the Level Five Selling book.

Boost your business brain with Interplay - If your people are like most, they are talented in their areas of expertise but might not understand the bigger picture.  Interplay will give everyone (whether they’re from Operations, HR, Sales, Legal, Marketing, or even Finance) a dynamic view of how their decisions can drive value for your customers and your company. Join us Nov. 14 or Nov. 15

Sigma's success story - Hear how a global food company worked to improve their food production culture through scalable, non-disruptive employee onboarding and supervisor development via the 1st90 learning platform. (Access our replay from 09.07.23 and get a free takeaway tool!)

Special guest: Gabriela Taylor, Manager, Learning & Talent Development at Sigma

From just-in-time learning to business impact when you need it most - Find out how your organization can develop timely, relevant skills at scale timed to the rhythm of your business with 1st90.

Special guest: Susan Burnett, Customer Experience & Success at 1st90; former learning executive at Gap, Yahoo!, Deloitte University, and HP

Now newly refreshed and updated, the Multipliers Simulation 2.0 has never been more relevant. We can't wait to share with you the enhanced new user experience!

High Impact Learning is our secret sauce for successful learning linked to business impact. Enroll now for our certification program and bring a proven process for measurable results to every learning initiative at your organization.

We are Advantage Performance Group

A behind-the-scenes look at who we are, our values, our purpose, and our passion:

Welcome: Advantage President & CEO Jonathan Hodge

Advantage Partner Mary Steiner

Advantage Partner Peg Ruppert

Advantage Partner Kristina DiStasio

A Final Word:
"We really like what we do."

Introducing the One Habit podcast from 1st90 with host Mike Heslin

A podcast from 1st90, an award-winning Advantage thought leader partner

On the One Habit podcast, host Mike Heslin asks leaders to share actionable wisdom about the one habit that has helped them the most in finding success and fulfillment. Learn from leaders in business, sports, public service, entertainment, academia, spirituality, and more, as we unpack the habits that have improved their lives and enabled them to make an impact on the lives of others.

Learn more about how your organization can build habits and skills at scale with 1st90 and Advantage Performance Group.

Unique sales training sets up team for success at Woodard & Curran

Participants hail one-of-a-kind training that recently wrapped up in Los Angeles as relevant, fun, and challenging.

Women’s leadership development journey wins 2023 Gold Award from Brandon Hall Group

Sharing the award are Reprise Digital, Advantage Performance Group, Paradox Strategies, and 1st90 for elevateHER, an initiative to increase representation of women leaders in senior leadership ranks across the globe..

Advantage Performance Group welcomes new partner Steven Orova

With over 25 years of experience, Steven specializes in strategic planning and execution, leadership development, and sales effectiveness.

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Talent Development Tuesday - An AI-driven strategy guide

An AI-driven strategy guide

Contextual business impact delivered via artificial intelligence

Talent Development Tuesday - When timing is everything

When timing is everything

Matching learning to the rhythm of your business

A simple question

Can you guess how many people actually use in their job what they learn in training?

Virtual learning that's fun

Regular hours at the office are a still thing of the past for many, but that doesn't mean you can't continue your talent development efforts. Now is the perfect time to help people on your team dream more, learn more, and become more.

To infinity and beyond!

Tap into the power of storytelling to help create positive change in 2021 [webinar 12.10]

Inclusion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

Practical ways you and your organization can heed the call for a more inclusive world [webinar replay]

Increase sales by activating a sense of purpose across your organization

Selling with Noble Purpose author/speaker Lisa McLeod will show you how [webinar replay + sneak peek]

Help your people get there faster [webinar 10.01]

Future forward career development with author/expert Christine DiDonato

Greatness at hand: Linda Hill’s acclaimed book on leadership is going mobile

Valuable insights for leading in a crisis plus a sneak peek of the new learning journey and mobile app [webinar replay]

Leading Change: We’re not in Kansas anymore [webinar replay]

Learn what’s most critical to leading your people through 2020’s monumental winds of change, and get a tool that will help you do it.

We help organizations develop great people

Advantage Performance Group provides creative learning and consulting solutions that equip individuals, teams, and organizations to be the best at what they do. We help leaders lead, sellers sell, and businesses flourish.

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How we help your organization

Whether you're new here or a valued customer, let's get to know each other better!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we work with organizations to develop great people:

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