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Back to school: Brush up your leadership skills with our back-to-school series
Take our virtual school bus to 6 free mini classes that will help you lead your organization into the future of work (It's already here! Are you ready?)

inclusive leader initiative earns coveted award for DEI

‘Inclusive Leader’ initiative earns Brandon Hall Group bronze award

The action-focused initiative has helped Synopsys leaders worldwide change their behaviors beyond recognizing potential biases.

Thank You - A letter from Advantage President & CEO Jonathan Hodge

Embracing the opportunity to reinvent ourselves

As a community, we’ve proven to ourselves that we are stronger and more capable than we thought

Go back to school with Advantage

Back to school: 6 free mini classes for leading your organization into the future of work

Brush up your leadership skills with our back-to-school series

Think differently, act differently.

Leaders and teams must change how they think and work together in the emerging hybrid workplace. Get access to a replay of our research-based discussion on best practices for the future of work held 09.14.21 + a free diagnostic tool.  Access it all here.

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Talent Development Tuesday - Make a splash in your career (water droplets)

Make a splash in your career

Become a certified High Impact Learning practitioner and build credibility for L&D while you drive the business impact stakeholders love.

Talent Development Tuesday - Threat or opportunity? (goggles artwork)

Threat or opportunity?

Liz Wiseman explores the source of professional brilliance and discovers ‘opportunity goggles’

Talent Development Tuesday - Tell your story (typewriter icon)

Tell your story

As Joseph Campbell said, we are the heroes of our own stories. It’s time to adjust those capes and stick the landing.

with Andy Storch

Talent development the Army way with Shay Potter

A 20-year veteran shares how the Army onboards and trains different fields within the branch.

Neurodiversity and learning with Jessica Michaels from Adobe

How neurodiverse learners can drive innovation and see unique solutions others in your organization may not recognize.

Leveling up the #HRCommunity with Julie Turney

How you can build more resilience in your HR career; prevent burnout; and create community within your profession

We've launched a new webinar series on innovation called Together, We Create! as a way to continue the momentum from our 2020 series and provide you with an extra boost of fuel for the journey ahead. 

Virtual learning that's FUN

Regular hours at the office are a still thing of the past for many, but that doesn't mean you can't continue your talent development efforts. Now is the perfect time to help people on your team dream more, learn more, and become more.

To infinity and beyond!

Tap into the power of storytelling to help create positive change in 2021 [webinar 12.10]

Inclusion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

Practical ways you and your organization can heed the call for a more inclusive world [webinar replay]

Increase sales by activating a sense of purpose across your organization

Selling with Noble Purpose author/speaker Lisa McLeod will show you how [webinar replay + sneak peek]

Help your people get there faster [webinar 10.01]

Future forward career development with author/expert Christine DiDonato

Greatness at hand: Linda Hill’s acclaimed book on leadership is going mobile

Valuable insights for leading in a crisis plus a sneak peek of the new learning journey and mobile app [webinar replay]

Leading Change: We’re not in Kansas anymore [webinar replay]

Learn what’s most critical to leading your people through 2020’s monumental winds of change, and get a tool that will help you do it.

Greatness at hand: A webinar with Harvard Professor Linda Hill, whose management classic Being the boss is going mobile.
The 1st90 app is optimized for mobile use

Mobile learning to build new skills and habits in just 5-10 minutes/day

Backstage Magic

Turn your Zoom sessions into engaging, memorable, and worry-free experiences with our new Zoom producer training course.
Learn more.

Selling with Noble Purpose

Experience a 10-minute interactive audio journey with author/speaker Lisa McLeod to discover what's at the heart of Selling with Noble Purpose®, an organizational mindset and practice that puts helping customers solve big problems at the core of every interaction.

Listen here!

We help organizations develop great people

Advantage Performance Group provides creative learning and consulting solutions that equip individuals, teams, and organizations to be the best at what they do. We help leaders lead, sellers sell, and businesses flourish.

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How we help your organization

Whether you're new here or a valued customer, let's get to know each other better!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we work with organizations to develop great people:

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