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BlueEQ™ self-assessment and workshop

Is emotional intelligence a competitive advantage or a hindrance for your team?

In the hyper-competitive 21st century, raw brainpower and intellectual brilliance will only get you so far. The real winners will be those with deep emotional intelligence.

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The Impact of BlueEQ

Advantage Performance partner and master BlueEQ facilitator Lori Urban discusses how the BlueEQ emotional intelligence assessment and workshop impacts leaders and their teams:

Companies and organizations worldwide are tuning in to emotional intelligence and making EQ a key component of their business strategies.   BlueEQ™ was developed to help leaders, sales people and others develop their emotional intelligence. Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be improved. The BlueEQ self-assessment identifies your weak spots and offers suggestions on how to improve them.

As emotional intelligence increases, so does business impact as teams become better versed in behaviors that lead to positive outcomes. BlueEQ can help organizations:

  • Create customer-sensitive brand ambassadors
  • Build more cohesive teams
  • Build a more articulate and confident sales force
  • Create a more inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Create safe zones where new ideas are welcome and innovation can flourish
  • Build greater trust among employees
  • Bridge generational gaps
  • Enhance company culture and communication

The BlueEQ self-assessment is the foundation for half- and full-day workshops dedicated to helping your team understand their results and develop action plans to improve performance.  The full-day session includes activities focused on building skills and behaviors. Both include followup assessments to measure improvement.

The BlueEQ self-assessment consists of 150 rapid response questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

More about EQ

In the video at top: BlueEQ founder Michael Gillespie talks about why emotional intelligence is important for effective leadership in the 21st century. High EQ leads to greater awareness for psychological safety in the workplace, which enhances innovation, and accelerates career and business growth.

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BlueEQ™ self-assessment and workshop is from BlueEQ™.

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