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Sales Accelerator

Align your sales efforts to your customers’ needs

Sales Accelerator is the first core selling skills program that reflects the realities of selling in today’s business-to-business environment. Customers today want salespeople who deeply understand their businesses and they want their purchases to impact their desired business results as rapidly as possible.

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Based on several years of research with customers and sales forces around the globe, the two-day Sales Accelerator program focuses on four areas:

  • aligning your sales efforts with the customer’s buying cycle,
  • improving your customer understanding,
  • applying the best practices that world-class salespeople use to accelerate the sales process, and
  • asking high-impact sales questions that connect product and service needs to the customer’s desired business results.

Additional practice is provided in evaluating opening a sales call, asking follow-up questions, handling objections, gaining commitment, and building a call plan for an account.

The program also includes the completion of a personal development plan using what they learned along with the web-based tools they have unlimited access to.

Sales Accelerator helps salespeople:

  • Learn the market trends and business challenges that shape customer decision making.
  • Understand the customer’s buying cycle and align it with their own sales cycle.
  • Create an effective pre-call plan.
  • Apply best practices that are most critical to advancement in their accounts at each stage of the buying cycle.
  • Learn the sales practices that will help them achieve success.
  • Construct and ask compelling questions that identify the customer’s desired business results and the actions they are taking.
  • Learn how to “peel the onion” to dig deeper into customer interests and needs.
  • Address concerns and objections by exploring customer interests and driving toward completing the sale.
  • Prepare a call plan for an account.


Sales Accelerator is from BTS.

Practice Area: Helping Sellers Sell


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