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Quick and valuable ideas you can watch, listen to, or grab & take with you that can make your day brighter, your work more effective, your job more fun, or your challenges less challenging.

Become a great leader

02.23.21 - 3-part audio experience

Dr. Linda Hill, author of Being the Boss, explains the 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader via the Giide interactive auditory learning platform. Listen now!

Greatness at hand: A webinar with Harvard Professor Linda Hill, whose management classic Being the boss is going mobile.

Capture their heart

02.16.21 - infographic

Bringing a new hire up to speed isn't just about performance. Build an emotional connection by helping them understand your organization's values, your purpose, and your culture. Here are 9 ways to get it right.

Be optimistic

02.09.21 - 3-minute video

Optimism: It's your choice

Positive thinking isn't just for making yourself feel better. It's a strategy backed by science that can improve your relationships and your business results. Find out why in this short video by Lori Urban, a partner at Advantage Performance Group and a facilitator for the BlueEQ™ emotional intelligence self-assessment and workshop.

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Define or renew your values

02.02.21 - 2-minute read

How to stay focused on what really matters, regardless of what comes next
When it feels like almost everything is changing, values are the one standard that we can all count on to remain steady.

Here is a quick exercise you can do to help define or renew your team’s (or your family's) collective values.

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Take our quest

01.26.21 - An oldie but goodie - 3-minute song + a learning adventure

Building a great corporate culture is more important now than ever, especially with the ongoing challenges of remote work and a relentless pandemic. Discover the jewels that build a great culture with the free resources in our Culture Quest.

Pause and reflect

01.19.21 - A poem and 2-minute video

The poet Naomi Shihab Nye reads "Kindness," in a poetry film by Ana Pérez López.

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After an unimaginable loss, one of our own reflects on 'the generosity that resides deep within the human spirit.'

Expand your perspective

01.11.21 - mindfulness exercise

Wellness coach Stephanie Meriaux of TaskHuman shares Sunlight & Shadows, a mindfulness exercise to help you expand your perspective, create rich discussions, or build psychological safety. Use it for yourself, your family, your friends, or your team.

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Live in a thousand joys of the present moment

12.29.20 and 01.05.21 - 3-minute video

The power of the present was a poignant message for our recent holiday Zoom party from the actor John O'Hurley in a Cameo we sought out for our event. While we expected humor, we're especially glad he chose to share something more.

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Bonus: The Essence of J. Peterman: John O'Hurley on Storytelling, Introspection, and Seinfeld

Spread some Christmas cheer

12.22.20 - 4-minute video

Dr. Elmo, the original performing artist for the iconic Christmas comedy song, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, sends Advantage Performance Group a special holiday greeting we'd like to share with you courtesy of Shirley Dahl, our client services manager.

If you need some inspiration this holiday season, or if you just want to help spread some Christmas cheer, have another listen to his unforgettable hit tune.  We believe Dr. Elmo's story will forever change what it is you really hear.

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Click the link below to reveal more about Dr. Elmo

Listen to a great story

12.15.20 - 13-minute video

How do you end a story? Host of "Radiolab" Jad Abumrad tells how his search for an answer led him home to the mountains of Tennessee, where he met an unexpected teacher: Dolly Parton.

She rose from poverty to stardom with a great singing voice, beautiful prose, and incredible ambition, but it's her wisdom, sense of humor, and generous heart that will stand the test of time.

Include the introvert

12.08.20 - 18-minute video

Susan Cain, author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, is revolutionizing how people think about the virtues and abilities of those who tend to look inward in this classic TED Talk from 2012.

In response to what is no doubt one of 2020's most defining legacies – the call for a more just and inclusive world – leaders are increasing efforts to build more diversity, equity and inclusion into their organizations. Here are 13 ways to begin. (PDF)

Revisit our 12.03.20 webinar on inclusion for more resources.

Make everyone smarter

12.01.20 - Multiple Multipliers resources

Tips from Santa on being a Multiplier (how do you think he inspires the elves to make all those toys?) Get the PDF

Back-pocket questions for leaders - By asking better questions more often, you will spark new creativity, double the intelligence of your team, and make work a whole lot more fun. Get questions!

Takeaways from our July webinar - Liz Wiseman and Shawn Vanderhoven share Multiplier practices for leading in uncertain times. Get all the takeaways.

Give thanks

"It's not happiness that makes us grateful. It's gratefulness that makes us happy."

11.24.20 - 14-minute video

Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk and interfaith scholar, presents a TED Talk about gratitude as the source of happiness.

Since 1953, Brother David has been a monk of Mount Saviour Benedictine monastery in New York, dividing his time between contemplation, writing, and lecturing. He's the cofounder of, supporting ANG*L (A Network for Grateful Living).


Own Your Career Own Your Life

11.17.20 - Affirmations

With so much going on around us that is out of our control, this is the "missing manual" for 2020 and beyond.

Andy Storch, host of the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast, co-founder of The Talent Development Think Tank, a former partner with Advantage Performance Group, and now a newly minted author, wants you to reach new heights by taking charge of your life. This week's release of Own Your Career Own Your Life: Stop Drifting and Take Control of Your Future is a must-read missing manual for work, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Get the book - Andy's Daily Affirmations - Other Bonus Resources

Discover your Noble Purpose

11.10.20 -  Interactive infographic

At our most recent webinar, author/speaker and thought leader Lisa McLeod shared with us why having a Noble Purpose at the core of your business is more important now than ever because organizations who don't will get left behind.

Discover your purpose: Take an interactive audio journey with Lisa, revisit the webinar, and access a takeaway tool that can help you envision, activate, and articulate your Noble Purpose today. Available In 2 formats:  HTML - PDF

Bonus: Watch Lisa's TedX Talk:

Celebrate our shared humanity

11.03.20 - 1:45 listen

Take a lovely moment to listen to Maya Angelou reading her poem Human Family from I Shall Not Be Moved, her fifth collection of poetry pubished in 1990.

Bonus: Check out TaskHuman, a phone app for connecting employees with one-on-one video coaching on more than 800 wellness topics, from fitness to focus, motivation to meditation. We're using it ourselves, and we hope you're making time in this crazy, challenging year to take care of yourself as well!  (Tell them Advantage sent you!)

Make some magic


10.27.20 - 5-page PDF

Add a touch of magic to your virtual meetings:

Download the producer checklists from a new training program we created called Backstage Magic, culled from our many hours of experience producing and facilitating training and conducting webinars on the Zoom meeting platform.

Backstage Magic helps people running virtual meetings turn their Zoom sessions into engaging, memorable, and worry-free experiences.

The full program includes two self-directed modules and two 90-minute virtual sessions, experienced over a 2-week period. Through instruction, live practice, and performance challenges, participants build the confidence and skills they need to make their sessions run like magic.

Get my Checklist + Tip Sheet

Build trust

10.20.20 - 2-minute video

Find out the 2 critical elements you need to build trust, especially if you're working remotely, from our webinar on 09.14.20 with Dr. Linda A. Hill, Harvard Business School professor, author of the acclaimed management classic Being the Boss, and founding partner, Paradox Strategies.

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