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Backstage Magic

Turn your Zoom sessions into engaging, memorable, and worry-free experiences

Backstage Magic introduced me to Zoom best practices and boosted my confidence and competence with being a producer.”

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Program benefits:
The need for virtual sessions has increased tremendously, but making sure they run smoothly isn’t as easy as meets the eye. With our experience running and producing thousands of client sessions over the years, we have put together an instructional course and set of best practices to make your virtual programs memorable and impactful. Our goal is to spread this knowledge to make the virtual learning world a better place. Join us in this magic, wow your participants, and breathe easy knowing that you have tools to help you at every step along the way.

Our approach to learning:
We believe that in order to have engaging virtual sessions, you must first start with your own development. By combining a mixture of independent work and live sessions, working both as a cohort and in small breakouts, you will master the basics of Zoom all the way up to the most challenging and stress-inducing scenarios that are inevitable when working in the virtual world. You’ll be in a safe place with us and will leave ready to put others at ease with your magic.

Program Objectives

  • Explain the role and value of a Zoom producer
  • Demonstrate how to prepare for and run a Zoom session
  • Demonstrate how to use Zoom meeting tools
  • Anticipate and respond to typical problems and issues that come up during Zoom sessions

Target Audience
The program is designed for facilitators, trainers, and leaders who have a basic knowledge of Zoom but need to up their game in order to be able to deliver engaging and impactful virtual sessions that make use of Zoom’s wide range of functionality and tools.

Implementation and Customization - The program includes two self-directed modules and two 90-minute virtual sessions, experienced over a 2-week period. Through instruction, live practice, and performance challenges, participants build the confidence and skills they need to make their sessions run like magic.

What people are saying about Backstage Magic ...

I now feel confident to invite customers/prospects to a Zoom meeting that I can conduct on my own.”

EXTREMELY helpful workshop with multiple dynamic, interactive elements that allowed me to gain insights into and practice best practices producing professional Zoom meetings.”

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