Culture Counts Seattle Recap

Culture Counts Seattle: Inspirational, uplifting, small but mighty

About 20 people braved freezing rain to explore how to invigorate company culture at our Culture Counts Seattle give-back event led by Advantage Partner Lindsey Coen-Fernandez on December 19.

"It was a great event and we had a lot of good nuggets," said one of the participants, Eric Veal, in a recap on his company website:

"I attended an excellent, uplifting event with my friend Hsuan-Hua Chang on Tuesday called "Culture Counts".  It was led by a very fascinating woman ...  The leader was from South Africa originally and has worked in 15 countries.  She has gathered many principles and practices that she now shares with organizations to help them create environments and experiences that help people be their best and perform optimally.  It was an inspirational topic and very professionally led." (Read Veal's full report at

“One of the greatest parts of my work is that each person’s view of culture is unique and I am enlightened with each interaction," Coen-Fernandez says. "The energy in learning comes from the participants – we just get to create the environment where their thinking is magnified.”

Another participant said, "The event was small but mighty. I feel like the group was really composed of people who wanted to make change happen.”

The event raised $25 per person attending for the MORELove Project. Founder Kristine Moreland greeted the group and shared her journey on connecting with those in the greatest need while teaching love and compassion.

Culture Counts Seattle was also supported by Women in Technology International.

Culture Counts Seattle Recap

 Participants at the Seattle Culture Counts event on Dec. 19, 2017, included Eric Veal, who shared a recap on his company blog. In the photo at top, Advantage Partner Lindsey Coen-Fernandez, who has worked in 15 countries, shares her unique insights on culture with guests.

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