Doing Just a Few Things Won’t Optimize Sales

Let’s say you’ve completed the 3 sales initiatives you wanted to execute this fiscal year. Such as surveying what customers are thinking. Building the questioning skills of field salespeople. Giving sales managers new performance review tools. These are all good things.

But why did you choose just 3 things, and why those? How did the initiatives fit together? Did they boost sales performance or business results? In fact, did they make any difference to your sales organization overall?

And there’s the catch: Doing just a few things won’t optimize sales. To execute strategy successfully, you must begin by viewing your entire sales organization as a whole.

Broaden your perspective by assessing inputs from all the major touch-points: sales executives, sales leaders, individual sellers, and customers. Then correlate what you find. That expanded vision will reveal all of the things, not just a random few, that need to happen so your sales strategy will accelerate in the right direction — towards optimal performance.

Here’s a great way to get started: Advantage’s Rapid Analysis.

The Advantage Team

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